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Movie: Gracie

Posted by BenSpark on October 8, 2007

Last night was the first time in a very, very long time that I’ve stepped foot into a BlockBuster Video. I used to go all the time in college and rent Jackie Chan movies but last night we had not shows that we wanted to watch and all the things we taped we had already watched so I went out for a movie. I went in looking for Mr. Mom and Parenthood, and you know what, those movies are not rented by BlockBuster anymore because they are too old I guess. Weird. Now I am on a mission to get both on DVD.

I cam back with the movie, My Super Ex-Girlfriend as well as the movie Gracie. You probably heard of the first movie but haven’t heard of the second.

Gracie is a movie based on the lives of the Shue family. You might know Elisabeth and Andrew Shue from their acting. Elisabeth from one of my favorite movies Adventures in Babysitting and Andrew from Melrose Place. Andrew and Elisabeth were producers of this film and it was loosely based on their lives growing up in South Orange New Jersey where the family of three boys and one girl were measured by how well the played soccer.

The movie centers on young Gracie, the only girl of this family, she is played by Carly Schroeder who you might know also starred in the movie Eye of the Dolphin (A movie I still want to see). Carly is a fine actress who will certainly do well, she brought heart to this character, a character based on Elisabeth Shue (who happened to play Carly’s mother in the movie). Carly’s father was played by Dermot Mulroney and when he turned his head every once in a while he looked like he could pass for a Shue.

Gracie’s older brother Johnny (based on the Shue’s brother Will) was like her best friend, she looked up to him and he looked out for her. He was the star of the soccer team and he ends up dying. Now Gracie and her family must cope with the loss of the star player in their family. Johnny’s death caused the family to lose the joy that surrounded them. Gracie, determined to play soccer on an all boys team sparks the family bask to believing in something. Andre Shue also co-stars as the an assistant coach for the varsity soccer team.

This movie is set in 1978 before there were girls on boys teams or before their was girls soccer. It is inspirational yet not preachy, it is nostalgic without being overly dramatic or sappy. It was a real tribute to a lost brother who was the heart and soul of a loving family. This is a great family movie for families who love sports and it shows a positive role model in Gracie. She does go through some rebellious points but throughout she is a positive role model. I would certainly recommend this to families and I would buy it for my own family.

12 Responses to “Movie: Gracie”

  1. Gally said

    Seriously, how could Blockbuster not carry Parenthood?

    That seems really weird to me, especially since it isn’t that old, not compared to some of the movies and shows they carry. Even so, at least it’s easy to find on DVD.

  2. Drew said

    I know. I would’ve thought that they would have had it on hand. But nope, they had tons of copies of other movies.

  3. narnia3 said

    was elisabeth shue in top gun or was that someone else? thanks for the tip on the movie.

    i’ve been very intrigued overall at the rental movie industry and have wondered who would survive with the mail order. i too, haven’t been to blockbuster in a while.

  4. Drew said

    Nope, that would have been Kelly McGillis in the role as the therapist in love with Maverick in Top Gun.

  5. Julienne said

    I have not seen Gracie yet. thanks for the tip. i will look for that movie and watch it with my classmates, while we do our homework on refinance home loans.

  6. Drew said

    I’ll post that comment just because it is so clever and perfect for the link to Julienne’s blog, that is what I am talking about people.

    enjoy the movie.

  7. Karen said

    I did not realize Grace was about that subject with the Shue family. I blogged about what happened with the Shues, on my blog a while back.
    Have fun watching your movies.

  8. Drew said

    Drop me the link, I’d love to read what you wrote.

  9. chilli said

    seems like you had a good day, since the “”-face is smiling. haven´t had too many of them recently. i didn´t have internet at home. but now i can blog again. thank god! it´s good to be back.

  10. Drew said

    Every day with Eva has been a giant smile day. Glad to have you back!

  11. technogeek said

    Hm, I’m going to have to check that one out. I’ve had a bad streak of movie watching lately. Hopefully this one will break me out of the rut.

  12. Drew said

    I can’t guarantee that this movie will bust you out of your rut however it was a decent movie.

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