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TV Show: Big Bang Theory

Posted by BenSpark on October 17, 2007

I have to admit, when I first started watching this show I was not much of a fan. However I do enjoy it. I did end up taping the show from last week as well as the one from this past Monday. It is pretty funny. the cast of characters is really starting to grow on me. About two weeks ago the guys went over to Penny’s to help put her entertainment center together. Rather and put up a simple tv mount she had bought a large entertainment center and the four nerd, Sheldon, Leonard, Raj and Wolowitz went over and got way more into it than needed. So Penny pretty much assembled it herself.

I do like how the characters are starting to gel together much better, the guy with the Beatles haircut is a riot and when Raj gets to talk it is pretty humorous as well. It also looks like many people from the cast of Roseanne will be making quest appearances on the show. already we have seen Sarah Gilbert, playing a nicer character than she had last year in this time slot on The Class. And this past Monday the woman who played Aunt Jackie was on as Sheldon’s mother.

Sheldon is becoming one of my more favorite characters on the show, and Raj. I’ll keep taping this show for now.

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