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TV Show: How I Met Your Mother

Posted by BenSpark on October 17, 2007

I was able to see this past Monday’s as well as the Monday from the previous week episode of How I Met Your Mother.

Basically this should now be called Ted: The Horny Years. Ted is on the prowl after the breakup with Robin and he is riding the coattails of Barney. Last Week’s episode was all about how Ted was trying to ride the Tricycle. A euphemism for a threesome. Barney was coaching him on how to seal the deal. We are left wondering if he did or not.

Last night’s episode involved a bet between Barney and Ted. I did like how the end things were all turned around and it showed how this show can be very very funny at times. Having Barney set everything up and then mess with Ted’s head the whole time was evil genius. I did love the little Barney Mt. Climber all over the girl, that was pretty funny and reminded me a bit of Army of Darkness.

I also liked how Barney’s plan backfired on him too.

6 Responses to “TV Show: How I Met Your Mother”

  1. Blackwater said

    I’ve been following this show for a while now and it’s certainly one of my favorite new sitcoms.

    I haven’t seen the latest episodes since I’m from Sweden and it’ll probably be a while until they start airing them here. Good to hear it’s still funny though πŸ™‚

  2. Drew said

    You should be able to watch the episodes on after their air here in the US.

  3. Blackwater said

    Doesn’t seem to work for us non-US residents. We’re just greeted with an extremely annyoing digital voice saying “This content is currently unavailable”.

    Did a little searching for it and it seems to be the same for anyone outside the US.

    I still prefer to watch things on TV though, mainly to have something to look forward to every week. And I also prefer it with subs (swedish or english). Makes it easier to follow and I don’t have to focus as much not to miss anything.

    I’ll probably just wait until it gets here in a couple of months or so πŸ™‚

  4. Drew said

    That is too bad, well if you don’t mind waiting, the episode was pretty funny.

  5. Mo said

    I enjoyed this episode too! I love that Ted and Robin aren’t all uncomfortable around each other too. They are not going for the textbook “let’s be snippy and fight all the time” breakup.

    Tiny Doogie’s were inspired!

  6. Drew said

    The tiny Doogies were awesome.

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