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TV Show: Heroes: Fight or Flight

Posted by BenSpark on October 23, 2007

Last night’s Heroes was a pretty decent one all together.

Parkman, Suresh and Walker – We see that Molly is still in a coma that Parkman’s father put her into. Suresh goes and takes her to the Company to get her help. Is it me or is Suresh about the dumbest smart person ever. Last year he gets tricked by Sylar and now he’s getting the Company to pull one over on him. Honestly he is the smartest idiot on the show. Suresh also crosses paths with Niki/Jessica. N/J is at the Company to get cured. Then later Suresh is sent to find Monica. I was really expecting the gangbanger at the door when Monica opened it.

Hiro, Ando, Kensei – Ando is getting some help in restoring the little scrolls that were left from Hiro in the sword. How many scrolls do you think were in the sword? Do you think that we will be seeing at least one scroll stuck in the sword that Ando will find at a critical time? I think so. Anyway, not much on the Hiro front but he is helping Kensei in his trials. This is good because it is helping Hiro gain more confidence and control over his abilities.

Parkman and Nathan Petrelli – In a pretty good part of the show we see Parkman and Petrelli go after Parkman’s father. Parkman’s dad is a pretty powerful person. Parkman’s dad ends up trapping both Parkman and Petrelli in their own nightmares. And they end up fighting each other. The flashes back and forth between Nathan’s nightmare and Parkman’s nightmare were very cool and when they merged it was awesome! And learn that the burned up character is actually Nathan himself. So, is his burned self the real self? When will we learn what actually happened on the day of the explosion?

Monica and Michah – Monica learns more about her power with the help of Michah. And this is what we need to see, heroes pushing their powers and actually learning more about themselves. I actually found Michah useful in this episode and his storyline with Monica is excellent. I love her powers, they are very cool. And her watching Dragon, A Bruce Lee Story was very cool.

Peter Petrelli – He now knows his name but not much else helped him in this episode. We see him use the powers he got from Issac and we also met a new character. This new character is played by Kristen Bell of Veronica Mars. Apparently she was sent to get Peter by her father. So who is her father? I’m not sure her name but she ended up killing Ricky, the Irish girl’s brother. We will see more of Kristen Bell’s character as well as Peter and his Irish girlfriend. They are off to Montreal.

Where in the world is HRG and the Haitian? – That is the game for now, HRG and The Haitian have hooked back up and are on a world tour. I’m not sure where they are right now. For some reason I thought Russia. But I am not sure where they are. Anybody Know?

Looks like we will catch up with Sylar, Maya and Alejandro next week as well as Hiro.

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