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TV Show: The Office: Local Ad

Posted by BenSpark on October 26, 2007

Last night’s episode of The Office marks the return to 1/2 hour episodes. I have to say, I welcome the return of the 1/2 hour. Before I get all my fellow Office fans upset with me, let me explain. The hour long episodes were too long, an over sized episode once in a while is perfectly fine, in fact it is a treat. But like many treats too much of a good thing can be detrimental. Plus it was just too much Michael Scott.

The season has been good thus far but I love, love loved the commercial that the Scranton Office put together and I love that Jim asked the bartender to put the DVD in the DVD player. That was a very decent thing for him to do. Jim, while still a goof, is showing more potential for compassion to his co-workers and their craziness. Sure he told everyone not to tell Andy the end of the Kit-Kat commercial, which was a riot. But Jim is taking and interest in being kinder to Dwight and he does think about the feelings of others.

I loved the animation that Pam put together and I like how she is having these little triumphs each episode. Michael still puts her down without even realizing it but she stays positive.

It was a good episode with some really funny laugh out loud moments to it.

Check out what TV Squad had to say about the episode.

4 Responses to “TV Show: The Office: Local Ad”

  1. desi , hindi said

    TV Show is interesting to me. And personally i likes to watch TV. Thanks a lot!

  2. Drew said

    You’re welcome. Glad you enjoyed my post.

  3. Elizabeth said

    I was thinking about you when I heard on the radio that this weekend in Scranton is the first “Office” convention! Tens of thousands of people were expected to show up. This show has some devoted fans!

  4. Drew said

    Had it been an option I may have even gone. 🙂

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