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TV Show: Cavemen: The Mascot

Posted by BenSpark on October 29, 2007

So Nick gets a job as a substitute teacher at a high school. The high school has a mascot that is a caveman and their team name is the savages. This offends Nick very much. He gets offended very easily and he ends up beating the mascot only to find out that inside the costume is a girl. So then everyone hates him.

Andy gets sucked up into some intrigue with Leslie, the real estate agent in the building. I didn’t realize that Leslie was Karen’s (Joel’s girlfriend) mother. Anyway she cannot tell any of the cavemen apart so she gets Andy to work for her to move some money around because apparently Andy is an accountant and a drum major. Later Joel is mistaken for Andy and even after that Nick is mistaken for Andy. Nick uses this to get himself enough money for a scooter. Nick has no soul.

The show is interesting because like the much better show Dinosaurs this one makes fun of stereotypes by pointing out how silly they are. I’ve been enjoying this show as a guilty pleasure.

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