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TV Show: Chuck: Chuck vs. The Sandworm

Posted by BenSpark on October 30, 2007

I am loving the episodes of Chuck and mostly it is the Morgan Factor. At first Morgan wore on me but through the subsequent episodes I can see why Morgan and Chuck are such good friends.

Chuck is too nice. He ends up almost getting himself killed in many episodes because he is naive. I like that he hasn’t become cynical but come on, you gotta wise up one of these days Chuck. Chuck’s eager to help out a guy who claims he’s never seen a Bond movie but Sarah has saved his bacon so many times and he still doesn’t trust her, that is that about?

I do like that Sarah did the whole Princess Leia thing for Chuck. The Everygeek fantasy. It just is. And I liked that she not only made him the fake photo but did took a real photo as well. Although they certainly would have benefited from an XShot to get a much better photo. But I digress.

Watching Morgan play Guitar hero and seeing Guitar Hero III everywhere including for the Wii makes me want to rush out and buy it. But I am not sure I’m going to like it.
Is it worth the purchase?

In the end Chuck apologizes and makes things right. I’m not sure how long he’s going to get away with that.

Some great spots: Captain Awesome giving Morgan man lessons. The guitar Hero Scene, The karate kid bandanna during the crisper drawer eating scene.

2 Responses to “TV Show: Chuck: Chuck vs. The Sandworm”

  1. Happy Blogger said

    I really enjoyed seeing the cows. I did notice on their website that the cows were in Boston. I’d like to see your pictures. Do you think they are the same cows, or do they have to do new ones each year? Are you going to the postie convention? If so we could meet. I’d like to meet the bloggers I gotten to know. Peggy

  2. Drew said

    Thanks Peggy. I will be at BWE and Postiecon. The cows are the same ones, they travel all over. I have the photos on this blog in the archives I will have to look for them when I can get a chance. See you in Vegas!

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