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TV Show: Chuck: Chuck vs The Nemesis

Posted by BenSpark on November 27, 2007

So, my favorite new show of the season, Chuck has been given the green light for a full season of episodes. Sweet.

Last night’s Chuck was awesome. However it should have been titled Chuck Vs. The Pineapple situation. We get the return of Bryce Larkin, Chuck’s nemesis. Really, was he Chuck’s nemesis? They were great friends in college until Bryce got him kicked out of Stamford. It isn’t like Chuck and Bryce locked horns at every turn. Bryce basically ruined and saved and then ruined Chuck’s life again and again. Maybe Bryce is Chuck’s nemesis. I looked up the word for a good definition and this is what I found.

“Nemesis is now used as a term used to describe one’s worst enemy, normally someone or something that is the exact opposite of oneself but is also somehow similar.”

Okay, in that light Bryce is Chuck’s nemesis. For one thing Bryce is smooth and sophisticated, yet he knows flawless Klingon (At least I think we are supposed to believe that, I don’t speak it so he could have just been talking gibberish). Chuck is nerdy and he also speaks Klingon. Chuck and Bryce have many similarities and yet are so different. They are not exact opposites however.

It was a great episode for Morgan. He took charge at the Buy More and got the girl, (A whacked out freaky girl, but a girl none-the-less). I’m pretty sure that I won’t want the recipe for Anna’s green bean casserole. “Did you use tartar sauce?”

Seeing Lester and Jeff freak out and hide from the hordes of Black Friday shoppers was very funny. Then when the pineapple situation began and Jeff gets clocked int eh head multiple times I laughed out loud. Use of all the slow motion sequences was pretty good and seeing Sarah and Bryce in action was cool as well. The use of a bulletproof vest was also very good. I was pretty amazed by Casey’s reflexes. When he shoots Bryce and blows him across the room I was stunned yet saw no blood so I knew there was a vest.

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