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TV Show: Heroes: Truth & Consequences

Posted by BenSpark on November 27, 2007

Last night’s episode of Heroes was decent. We saw many of the Heroes and I think the only ones we missed were Matt Parkman, Nathan Petrelli and Mrs. Petrelli and The Haitian.

Sylar, Maya and Alejandro – Guess who won’t me in another episode. Yeah, Sylar keeps to his murderous ways and kills Alejandro. He pushes Maya to use her power and then control it. Then we no longer need her brother. Sylar ends up killing him. Sylar also contacts Mohinder and threatens Molly.

So, was there an actual babysitter or did he neutralize Parkman? What is wrong with Maya, can’t she see that Sylar is evil? Where did she think her brother went?

Peter Petrelli and Adam Monroe – Peter is out to stop the virus from being released. Adam wants to release it and purge the world. Adam has convinced the easily led Peter that he is on the good side. Peter and Adam find Victoria Pratt. Apparently they are much faster than Parkman, shouldn’t he have been at Victoria’s house? Peter gets the information from Victoria by using Parkman’s power. So why didn’t he use it on Adam? Then he would have known his true intentions and that was to kill Victoria. Really, Peter, you are so slow. So Peter and Adam are headed to Primatech in Odessa.

Hiro – learns about Adam’s past, learns the truth about strain 138 and Adam’s intentions. Goes back in time to see it firsthand. Ends up going to Odessa and confronts Peter. The showdown between the two better be a good one and Peter better get his scar in the exchange. Hiro is slowly developing the confidence and poise of a true hero.

Micha, Nikki, Memory Girl – I don’t know the name of Micha’s cousin with the muscle memory. but that is okay because while I thought she was a good hero she is an idiot. I watched the scene where she breaks into the thugs crib. Pretty cool. Then she gets caught. What? Was there not one single Jackie Chan movie on her iPod? Seriously doesn’t every movie have at least 4 guys teaming up on one. Why hadn’t she watched at least one of them and been able to thrash the thugs. She could be such and awesome character. Watch more of your iPod. Oh and Micha and Nikki suck, still.

Clare, West, Elle, and Noah – Clare and her family are moving. I hope they find some place with plenty of land for sale because they need to be far away to hide from The Company. Bob comes to Clare’s home and is met with a gun wielding momma. Bob has Noah’s ashes and tells Clare that he died. As far as the story I want this illusion kept up for at least a few episodes. I want to see what Clare is like with this new resolve. Her confession to West about her pain was heartbreaking. I love the Clare and Noah story. And I love how Clare intimidated Elle. You kind of felt a little bad for Elle in this episode too. She’s been so abused throughout her life that she is beaten down and defeated. Bob is a pretty harsh taskmaster and manipulator.

Suresh – What the hell. Is this guys stupid or is he cagey like a fox, did he know that he could save Noah with Clare’s blood. Is he as stupid as I think or is he actually more intelligent than I have been giving him credit? I think he is stupid, I’m sticking by that one.

2 Responses to “TV Show: Heroes: Truth & Consequences”

  1. Andy said

    Yes well he is obviously stupid lol. Heroes is like any other show, its just to get ratings, so the story often doesn’t make sense just to be more exciting. I don’t like the new season, i think like Prison break there should have only been one season. Some shows are being destroyed by to many seasons.

  2. Drew said

    I really liked season 1 of heroes, it gave viewers more in terms of answers in any episode than a whole season of Lost, however this season is not quite as good. It is still good and I like it but it is not quite as good.

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