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50" Plasma TV…

Posted by BenSpark on December 30, 2007

My sister’s tenant Mike who is also our friend just recently got himself a 50″ Plasma TV. He’s a bachelor so his money is fun money these days. Oh I miss those days when money was fun money and not diaper money. Anyway with a plasma TV he’s now deciding upon which plasma tv stands he should get. He needs something so that he can display that TV and play Call of Duty 4 along with my Brother-in-law. I’d love to hook up my Wii to that TV and play with my Wii Zapper. I think the targets might be much easier to hit when they are on 50″ Plasma TV over a 27″ TV.

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Wii Zapper: Link’s Crossbow Training

Posted by BenSpark on December 28, 2007

Allison got me the Wii Zapper for Christmas and we have both been playing it each night. I’ve gone through all the levels and earned a medal in each of the levels as well. However most of my earnings are of bronze. The game is challenging and the Zapper takes some getting used to. It doesn’t help that the screen is rather small over all 27 inches. If I had a larger screen I would probably do a little better but maybe not.

I still can’t decide which grip is best for me as I switch it up over and over throughout play. I switch left and right and back again over and over just to get some better shots. I think my dominant side is my right with this however I do pretty well on the left.

The Zapper itself is a pretty cool piece of plastic. You snap the wiimote into the top and the nunchuk on the back and you can wind the nunchuck wire within the zapper to keep it out of the way.

Each level has three sections, there is a target practice one, a shoot everything in site portion and then a run and gun type of section. I tend to do well with the shoot everything in site ones and I am learning better strategy for the run and gun ones as well.

This game has a practice, a score and a multiplayer aspect to it. The practice lets you practice any one of the individual sections so that you don’t have to play all three sections over and over on each level. If you are having trouble with a particular section then you can easily practice that level over and over till you get your rhythm and then yo can try it on the score attack or multiplayer version.

The multiplayer is fun because you can choose your Mii character and use that to remember your scores and show in the high scores. Each player takes turns and you can do the multiplayer thing with up to 4 players. I would have liked to have an unlimited amount of players for this as it would be fun for large parties.

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I’m gonna be Fired…

Posted by BenSpark on December 28, 2007

Fired from Dunder Mifflin Infinity that is. You see I never go to the Office and do any work. I have a very short supply of SchruteBucks and therefore I received a warning today in my e-mail that I would be let go if I didn’t come into the Office and get some work done. But if I go in make a small show of it, earn a SchruteBuck or two then I can stay for a while longer and in another 3 weeks I will get another warning.

Here is the official message on the DMI site.


Emails are now being sent out to all inactive employees to who have not been contributing to their branch. All employees currently deemed inactive, who do not login and earn SchruteBucks between now and January 10th, 2008 will be terminated from their branches.

I have to say the online Office thing is okay but not much fun, I probably should have let them fire me.

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Smallville Season 3

Posted by BenSpark on December 27, 2007

Allison and I have been watching my DVDs of Smallville. I really wanted to get into the show when it started but unfortunately it conflicted with something else so I thought I would tape it and catch up that way, no such luck. So we are now 4 seasons behind everyone else who watches this show. We are not at the part of Season 3 where Lionel Luther has a terminal liver disease and has a team of scientists developing a serum from Clark’s blood. He must think it is a miracle drug like hoodia or something. Both Allison and I are speculating whether or not Lionel is lying about this disease but the last episode we saw showed Lionel with a gun pointed at the back of his throat. so I think he may be desperate.

Also Allison got me Season 5 on DVD for Christmas, we just need season six and we will have all the boxed sets.

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Fun Christmas Games

Posted by BenSpark on December 23, 2007

Each Christmas my company has a 1/2 day before Christmas party. How much work will you do on a 1/2 day before Christmas, not much. so we usually find something to distract ourselves for a little while. Each year we scramble to find all those fun games online with Christmas Themes. This year I compiled the entire list of fun Christmas Games that I could think of into one Ultimate List of Fun Christmas Games.

So if you have to work the day before Christmas or if you want to play today check out the list.

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Go for a walk….

Posted by BenSpark on December 21, 2007

This writer’s strike has got me contemplating doing the unthinkable. I may actually venture outside and go for a walk, however it is winter in the North East and I will most likely need my snowshoes. I wonder if a pedometers would work with my snowshoes?

That reminds me I have to put together my snowshoe footage from last year’s trip with my aunt and uncle in New Hampshire. It didn’t come out that great but it could be a good sort of outtakes video for The Wired Kayaker. I hope I get a chance to go again this year. But right now I could go and walk around my back yard.

At least Lost is coming out on January 31st and Psych is coming back soon as well. I can’t wait.

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Hey there Delilah Parody

Posted by BenSpark on December 21, 2007

There is nothing on TV and reviewing comic books wasn’t something I’ve been able to do much of so I turned to YouTube for some entertainment and found that Bob Rivers has a channel up on YouTube.

Here is a funny little parody of the Plain White T’s “Hey there Delilah”

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Excite Truck Champ…

Posted by BenSpark on December 19, 2007

Well, not yet but I have high hopes as I have unlocked all the trucks, all the new color schemes as well as the super excite tracks. I haven’t completed each track with a Super yet. Fiji on the Bronze level of Super Excite is a pain in the butt. But eventually I will be an Nintendo Wii Excite Truck Champ.

I had the opportunity to get a set of my own personalized dog tags from I looked at the designs available to me and there was one with a checkered flag on it in black so since I always paint my Excite Truck in black that was the color I chose. I could put three lines of text on the dog tags so I created some dog tags that show that I was an Excite Truck champ and that I had the need for speed. Sure that may be a bit corny for a 33 year old but how about for your kids?

Here is a way to acknowledge an achievement in your child’s life. Let me explain. Suppose your son or daughter was on a soccer team and they gave it their all the entire year and improved so much. You could make a dog tag with a soccer ball on it to give to your child, it could say their name, and soccer champ or some other phrase of praise. A small token of acknowledgment that they can wear and be proud of.

Someday I will be worthy of being called an Excite Truck champ and wear my dog tags. But until then I will keep practicing.

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Movie: You Don’t Mess With the Zohan

Posted by BenSpark on December 17, 2007

Caught a couple of trailers today and this one for the next Adam Sandler movie looks like a riot. It is about a Mossad agent who fakes his own death to leave the war torn life behind to become a hair stylist in New York. This is the type of Sandler movie that will pack em in. I watched the trailer and even laughed out loud, a rarity for me and a shock to the folks in the office.

Here is the Trailer for You Don’t Mess With the Zohan.

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Movie Trailers: Batman the Dark Knight

Posted by BenSpark on December 17, 2007

My friend Derek sent me an e-mail of the bootlegged trailer for Batman: The Dark Knight. I found a high res version online too.

I love how Batman Begins revamped this failing franchise and The Dark Knight will most certainly be a darker interpretation which will be utterly fantastic. Heath Ledger looks amazing as the Joker. This will be one dirty and gritty story in the Batman Franchise. I cannot wait to see this movie.

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