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TV Show: Life: Dig a Hole (Part 1)

Posted by BenSpark on December 5, 2007

I watched Life last night, while I was blogging so details might be a little sketchy. Crews bought his wife a horse. She didn’t keep it. Crews is a weird dude but I like his style.

This episode Crews and Reese investigate the death of a Zen master who as buried. The discovery did look like an episode of Bones, which was a repeat tonight, damn.

The episode had some interesting and funny parts and Charlie going around telling people that things were there or not there after a talk with a physics professor. Charlie again is weird but I think he is using that to his advantage.

Eventually we get to the main point of the show and that is not who murdered the Zen master but rather another part of the conspiracy. We find out that Jack Reese’s registered informant is the man who killed the the family that Crews was accused of murdering. On Wednesday Crews goes to confront that man.

But I doubt this is the end of the conspiracy. Life is too complicated for that.

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