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TV Show: Chuck: Chuck vs. The Crown Vic

Posted by BenSpark on December 10, 2007

How cool was this episode? I just loved seeing Morgan get some moments to let his craziness shine. He can really become a bumbling neurotic mess. The captain’s hat really made the whole outfit too. Why is it that every time a person who is not part of the rich society and, who wants to make a good impression, why do they always wear a captain’s hat to a boat trip? It is so weird. It is like we’ve taken our cues on how to act in high society from watching Mr. Powell on Gilligan’s island.

Big reveal. The new intersect is in Beta. It is time to take care of Chuck. So Casey now has the orders to “take care of” Chuck. If you didn’t know, when the new intersect is complete than the old one, Chuck, must be neutralized. Great that means that Casey is gonna try and kill Chuck. Will he have a change of heart, will he go through with it? Has he gotten to like Chuck and will he go soft and not complete his mission? Chuck did just nuke his baby, his Crown Vic.

I love how much Casey loved that car. It was a riot watching him taking loving care of the car. I think though that we should have seen the car in other episodes and built up the love affair with the car before it got nuked. It would have established it as more important to Casey.

While Sarah certainly is a hottie, I kind of find her annoying especially in this episode. I understand that she is conflicted about her feelings for Chuck but she certainly acts like a jerk often. Chuck of course is awesome and even gets Sarah a replacement clock radio. I did like how Sarah did jump the counter and go after the bad guys who were going to blow up the boat that Anna’s parents were on. so are Anna’s parents bad guys?

It was good episode and I am looking forward to new ones after the new year.

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