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Smallville Season 3

Posted by BenSpark on December 27, 2007

Allison and I have been watching my DVDs of Smallville. I really wanted to get into the show when it started but unfortunately it conflicted with something else so I thought I would tape it and catch up that way, no such luck. So we are now 4 seasons behind everyone else who watches this show. We are not at the part of Season 3 where Lionel Luther has a terminal liver disease and has a team of scientists developing a serum from Clark’s blood. He must think it is a miracle drug like hoodia or something. Both Allison and I are speculating whether or not Lionel is lying about this disease but the last episode we saw showed Lionel with a gun pointed at the back of his throat. so I think he may be desperate.

Also Allison got me Season 5 on DVD for Christmas, we just need season six and we will have all the boxed sets.

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