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Wii Zapper: Link’s Crossbow Training

Posted by BenSpark on December 28, 2007

Allison got me the Wii Zapper for Christmas and we have both been playing it each night. I’ve gone through all the levels and earned a medal in each of the levels as well. However most of my earnings are of bronze. The game is challenging and the Zapper takes some getting used to. It doesn’t help that the screen is rather small over all 27 inches. If I had a larger screen I would probably do a little better but maybe not.

I still can’t decide which grip is best for me as I switch it up over and over throughout play. I switch left and right and back again over and over just to get some better shots. I think my dominant side is my right with this however I do pretty well on the left.

The Zapper itself is a pretty cool piece of plastic. You snap the wiimote into the top and the nunchuk on the back and you can wind the nunchuck wire within the zapper to keep it out of the way.

Each level has three sections, there is a target practice one, a shoot everything in site portion and then a run and gun type of section. I tend to do well with the shoot everything in site ones and I am learning better strategy for the run and gun ones as well.

This game has a practice, a score and a multiplayer aspect to it. The practice lets you practice any one of the individual sections so that you don’t have to play all three sections over and over on each level. If you are having trouble with a particular section then you can easily practice that level over and over till you get your rhythm and then yo can try it on the score attack or multiplayer version.

The multiplayer is fun because you can choose your Mii character and use that to remember your scores and show in the high scores. Each player takes turns and you can do the multiplayer thing with up to 4 players. I would have liked to have an unlimited amount of players for this as it would be fun for large parties.

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