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Cartoon: Transformers Animated

Posted by BenSpark on January 3, 2008

At Botcon this year I got to see some video of the new Transformers animated series that was developed with Cartoon network. This past weekend I got to see the 90 minute “movie”. I was impressed. Allison walked in and said that she didn’t like the tall skinny look of the bots but I do. I can’t wait to get these toys when they finally come out.

The cartoon was very good as well. I liked how there were many old school references and the beginning even showed Optimus watching tapes of the old war. They were videos of old Transformers episodes that featured Wheeljack and BumbleBee on the run from some Decepticon seekers. That was a great touch. I am really looking forward to when this series starts up, the movie was a tease.

I really like Ratchet and him being a link to the generation 1 times. He is a crusty old fellow and very smart. He is like Obi Wan to Optimus. Optimus is a young Autobot and he has much to prove. This isn’t the Optimus of old who already had a handle on being a leader. No this Optimus needs help and needs to grow into his leadership position.

The colors, designs and characters all look great to me and I am very excited about this to start. It premieres this Saturday at 10:30am on Cartoon network.

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