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When will Burn Notice be back?

Posted by BenSpark on January 10, 2008

This past summer one of my favorite shows ended with quite the cliffhanger. The show is called Burn Notice. In the show an ex-spy (not by his choice) Michael Westen is trying to find out who ‘burned’ him, that is who got his spy card revoked and shut off all doors and exits for Michael and dumped him in Miami with another former spy as a babysitter/informant. But Michael made do with his time, he picked up ‘jobs’ here and there protecting people and righting the wrongs that no one else could right. He worked outside the law, of course, and he used questionable means, naturally, but he did so with such flair.

The season ended with Michael driving into a tractor trailer to meet a mystery person who was either there to capture or help Michael. Will Michael find out who was behind his Burn Notice? Will Michael be brought in on charges? Will Michael be working for some new handlers this coming season. If only the summer wasn’t so dang far away we could get the answers to these questions.

I wonder what Michael Westen would be like if he was into business performance management. He is a guy who gets things done so I bet he could whip a company right into shape.

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