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Movie: Terminator

Posted by BenSpark on January 20, 2008

Last night Allison and I watched the 1984 James Cameron movie Terminator. I had not seen it in a while and Allison had never seen it. We watched it because Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles really delves into the history of the Terminator franchise.

It was great to watch this movie and in doing so I saw many elements that have repeated throughout the franchise. The phrase “Come with me if you want to live” was uttered by Kyle Reese then Arnie as T-100 and Cameron in T:SCC. I like to see a common phrase or element ring through a series like this. I had forgotten that Kyle Reese said that to Sarah Connor when he first encounters her.

One thing I realized in watching this movie was that the Terminators brought about their own downfall by trying to come back and kill Sarah Connor. For one thing if the Terminator the T-101 (that is what Reese called it not T100) was sent back to kill Sarah, Reese was sent back to save her and also ended up fathering John Connor. So if the Terminators never went back in time then John Connor would never have been born. This time travel stuff gets very muddy.

I also noticed last night that the psychiatrist at the police station is the same one from T2. I had never noticed that before. And I looked on IMDb and he is also in T3. That is nuts. I will probably have Allison watch T3 at some point because it is on FX every single night now (or it seems) Even though T3 is not cannon. And also there is talk of a T4 to come out.

Watching a movie made in 1984 is fun because the special effects are so ridiculous at parts. For one thing at the end of the movie when the terminator is an exoskeleton and is chasing Reese and Sarah it looks so fake. I can’t even begin to explain how fake but the only thing I can think of to compare it with is Clash of the titans from 1981. Those parts were that bad.

Well, either tonight or tomorrow we watch T2.

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