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TV Show: Moonlight: The Mortal Cure

Posted by BenSpark on January 22, 2008

Last Friday night Allison and I watched Moonlight. I have to say, this show is getting better. It explores some interesting things int he Vampire Mythos. For one thing Mick seems to be able to walk around anywhere int he sunlight as long as he has a manila folder or his hand to shield his eyes. I’m certainly glad that Dracula didn’t know that trick.

We also learn that Coraline is much older than known and she has some siblings. They are snotty French aristocrat siblings and they are not happy with her. Apparently during the French Revolution the guillotine was invented to kill vampires. And these 7 siblings created a concoction to make them human for a little while. Coraline gives this ti Mick, he takes it and then gets the crap kicked out of him.

Meanwhile Josef, the coolest vampire gets himself a massage from some ladies in leather lingerie. That Josef sure knows how to reduce tension in his undead life.

Oh and Beth was all angsty and pissed at Mick for not making her boyfriend a vampire.

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