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Lost: The Constant

Posted by BenSpark on February 29, 2008

Spoilers observations and the like abound, you have been warned.

I really enjoyed last night’s episode of LOST. It was a Desmond, time traveling Brotha, episode. This one is one of my favorite episodes of the season. We do not learn about another Oceanic 6 member, which is good, gotta save something for later. But what we do learn about is a bit of how and why Desmond is able to time hop.

Last season, Desmond would get these flashbacks that were so vivid and real. He would travel back in time and relive certain evens and attempt to prevent the outcome. He would protect Charlie over and over as Charlie was destined to die. What Desmond learned last season and what was confirmed again by Daniel Faraday is that you cannot change the future. I hope Sarah Connor realizes that and starts stockpiling Thermite somewhere as Judgment day is coming, but I digress.

In this episode, as the helicopter made its way through a thunderstorm Desmond had a flash and returned to his time in the army. This didn’t bode well for his squad because his disorientation caused them additional PT in double time. It was good to see a Desmond episode because we learn more and more about his past. Desmond joined the Army to impress Penny’s father. He learns that this was incredibly futile as her father will never accept him as anything. Desmond even asks why Mr. Widemore hates him. I missed the answer. I will have to watch this episode again next Thursday int he enhanced version as there were many little things that need repeating.

While a time jumping episode leaves many people confused I was not confused at all. I could see a resolution coming and was very happy with it. The best part of this was that Daniel Faraday may be okay because Desmond is his constant. Out of all the new characters I like Daniel Faraday very much. I hope he doesn’t get killed. I think that his introduction in his home with his caregiver where he is crying over the crash of 815 was probably the end of an episode of time jumping. But who knows.

There was one scene that should be of particular interest and that is of the logbook of the Black Rock. IT was written by a Hanso and then acquired by Charles Widemore. Connections like crazy I must say. I am really looking forward to the enhanced version next week to see more of that.

We meet a very more of the freighties including Minikowski, who was played by Fischer Stevens. I like Fischer Stevens, he plays such wacky characters. He was the bad guy in hackers I think. Anyway he was the communications officer and he got a little too close to the island and went nuts, he time jumped (I presume) and I bet that he whacked out and destroyed the communication room. Anyway, we meet him as he is strapped to a bed, he ends up dying in Desmond’s arms however as the time jumping finally catches up to him and since he had no constant he expired.

The constant refers to having an anchor to keep you grounded as you time jump. All throughout the episode when Desmond Time jumped he was unfamiliar with the people and the surroundings. He took time to get acclimated. In te future he still had the consciousness of his past and knew no one in the helicopter or on the ship. In the past he was confused for a few minutes each time but knew where he was, just not why he was there at the time.

AS Desmond began piecing things together he would remember important things like Penny’s number and when they finally got a chance to talk Desmond was cured because he had found his anchor, his constant.

And the big reveal at the end was that Desmond is the constant for Daniel Faraday. I hope this means that our brilliant scientist (who had a terrible head of long hair in the past) is going to get better.

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Dollhouse, destined for Fox graveyard?

Posted by BenSpark on February 28, 2008

Joss Whedon and Tim Minear’s new show titled Dollhouse is going to be on Fox. While the show sounds promising and interesting with a ton of potential I have to wonder about the mental state of Tim Minear in going back to Fox again for one of his shows. He’s been used and abused by FOX several times in the past (Firefly, The Inside, Wonderfalls, Drive ring a bell.)

There has to be some sort of shelter or foundation set up for Network abuse victims. Minear, break free from the circle of abuse that you have been riding the past several years. It is like taking something like dangerous diet pills and hoping that this time, this one time things will work out and you will be happy. Seriously Tim, get your head checked. When not shop the show to the Sci Fi network or the CW. Even USA takes more chances than FOX. Fox is the lowest common denominator network with the basest set of viewers. The smartest thing on that network is “Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader” And that ain’t saying much.

Dollhouse sounds really interesting, here is the synopsis.

“Dollhouse” follows a top-secret world of people programmed with different personalities, abilities and memories depending on their mission.

After each assignment — which can be physical, romantic or even illegal — the characters have their memories wiped clean, and are sent back to a lab (dubbed the “Dollhouse”). Show centers on Dushku’s character, Echo, as she slowly begins to develop some self-awareness, which impacts her missions.

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Greg Dean makes my point….

Posted by BenSpark on February 27, 2008

I rant and rave about Fox. They suck, they suck big time. I should certainly not get my hopes up about the fate of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. The show is awesome but it is on Fox. So the future is probably iffy.

Greg Deal of Real Life Comics sums up my fears for the show exactly.

He is one funny guy.

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Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles: The Demon Hand

Posted by BenSpark on February 26, 2008

There are Spoilers. You have been warned.

I just watched Terminator, the Sarah Connor Chronicles and this episode blew me away. It did so because of all of the ties to T2. Here are the great moments.

The episode begins with Cameron riding up on a police motorcycle in the oversized mirror glasses. She looked so much like Robert Patrick’s T-1000 from T2. It was an excellent homage to that movie. Cameron shuts down a power grid so she can walk into the police station to retrieve the robotic hand that is in evidence. It is not there.

When Cameron comes back without the hand she is given a mission to find Demitri, the man who stole the Turk. She is to get close to his sister who is a ballet instructor. Summer Glau gets her chance to show off her ballet skills. What grace.

Sarah and Cameron figure that the FBI has the hand and so Sarah calls about it. The person at the FBI asks Agent Ellison about the hand and he denies it ever existed. We cut to Ellison’s house where he has tapes of Sarah in the mental institution. That was another great tie back to T2. We see Sarah break down about the machines, destroy her cell and also spend time with Dr. Silberman.

I was disappointed that Earl Boen did not play Dr. Silberman. He’s still alive and he played Silberman in all three Terminator movies. Dr. Silberman was played by Bruce Davidson (who was recently in the Knight Rider movie BTW). Silberman is now living up in the mountains. He greets Agent Ellison warmly and offers him some tea…

Meanwhile Sarah is breaking into Ellison’s house and stealing a very specific videotape from her time in the institution. A tape she wants no one to see. She wants to destroy it. Um, so why bring it home and leave it on the counter? Of course John finds it, watches it in with headphones so we don;t know what is being said or done. He begins to cry then takes off. Smooth move Sarah.

Derek and Cameron have a conversation at the table. He says that he knows what she is and she says the same back to him. I am convinced that Derek was the one who cracked in that torture building in the future and that Cameron was the torturer. He seems to hint at his failings when he talks with John later in the episode.

Back in the mountains Dr. Silberman has poisoned Agent Ellison and makes sure that Agent Ellison is not a terminator so he stabs Agent Ellison in the leg. Not a terminator. Poor Ellison. Silberman has spent a lot of time reading the bible. Ellison also reads the bible and find it brings him comfort. Silberman likens Sarah’s predictions to that of the book of revelations.

Then Ellison tells Silberman he believes in the robots and that Sarah was not crazy. Ellison has the hand with him in the car. Silberman goes and gets it, then injects Ellison with something. When Ellison comes to, Silberman is dousing the floor with a gas. Ellison is tied up and drugged. Silberman lights a match quotes the bible and leaves.

Outside his home he runs into Sarah Connor. He apologizes for ever doubting her. She punches him squarely in the nose and knocks him out. Apology accepted. She then rescues Agent Ellison. We learn this later during the voice over end montage.

In a fantastic feat of poetic justice Dr. Silberman is locked up in the very facility where he was a doctor. It was probably the same room that Sarah Connor was in when she was there. It was retribution from Agent Ellison for the torture and kidnapping, and attempted murder that he suffered at Dr. Silberman’s hands.

Cameron goes to a ballet class. Summer Glau has a chance to use her ballet skills. I found it interesting that she was so intrigued in learning more about ballet and wanting to improve. All the talk about the soul in this episode was interesting too. Cameron gets close to the ballet instructor to find her brother Demitri. Demitri owed some men some money and so he stole the turk and sold it. He also changed the algorithm so it would lose the last match. The Turk is still a viable threat.

In one very cold and chilling scene Cameron leaves the apartment of the Ballet instructor and Demitri as men are coming to kill them. She just walks by them as the men break into the apartment and gunshots ring out. Very chilling.

The tape, what was on it? The tape was Sarah Connor signing over all parental rights to John. This upset John greatly. Finally at the end of the episode Sarah and John talk. The date on the tape was the same day that Sarah planned on escaping to come and get John. It was also the date when John and the T-100 came to rescue Sarah. They talk about that day and how Sarah was so angry at John for attempting to rescue her, in a softer moment Sarah admits that maybe she was too harsh.

Some other observations and T2 tie ins.

John even brings up Todd and Janelle, his foster parents in T2. The ones Killed by the T-1000. He does so when talking to Derek. This is the scene where I think Derek is hinting at his failings. I think that Derek ratted out the location of the safe house tunnels.

Dr. Silberman recounts the events of the day Sarah escapes from the institution. Silberman is like the only guy who doesn’t die in these movies and just misses being killed each time. His description of the T-1000 was cool, like liquid mercury.

They get the hand and destroy it. The Chip is still out there with Cameron.

The voiceover at the end was chilling as Sarah talks about how machines cannot create art and if they could they wouldn’t have to destroy us, they would be us. This happens as Cameron dances ballet and Derek looks on.

Next week is the 2 hour seasons finale. It is gonna be amazing! If they can put in some GnR somewhere in the show that would be excellent. I can’t wait for the finale. This has been an excellent show so far. I hope it gets a second season.

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Lost: Eggtown

Posted by BenSpark on February 22, 2008

There will be spoilers. You have been warned.

Last night’s Lost episode was a Kate centric one full of flash forwards of her life after the island. Kate is one of the Oceanic 6 and which was revealed at the end of last year’s finale. However in this episode we learn the 5 person who was part of the Oceanic 6.

In Kate’s flash forwards we see her standing trial for the murder of her mother’s husband. The guy who was abusing her and her mother for years. Kate blew him up. And Kate’s mother was none to pleased. What? Come on the guy was scum good riddance. Kate did the world a favor. This however put Kate on the run and ended up causing the death of her good friend. She also had a failed marriage and had to constantly lie to people.

Well, the lies are still coming because as Jack testified in court we hear a very different story than what really happened on the island. For one thing Jack says that Kate saved everyone and gave them medical attention. No one seemed to ask Jack how a doctor wasn’t the one to administer all the first aid. But no matter, small detail.

Jack also says that only 8 people survived the crash, who were the other two (aside form the Oceanic 6) and what happened to them, are they dead or are they just two people who are remaining anonymous after the rescue. Who is still on the island? Who is dead? I want to know.

On the island Kate stirs up trouble in Team Locke. Kate uses Sawyer to distract Locke so that she can free Miles and get him to see Ben. She helps Miles get in to talk to Ben. This is one time that I have seen Ben actually shaken up a bit. The cocky attitude of Miles is growing on me a bit. When Ben says that Miles is trying to blackmail him Miles corrects him and says that what he is doing is actually extortion. Miles tells Be that for 3.2 million dollars he will tell the people that he works for that Ben is already dead. Ben starts doing his mind games and Miles shuts him down telling Ben not to even think about treating him like the survivors of Oceanic 815. Miles is actually informed.

This little field trip has consequences however as Locke points out to Miles. Locke takes a grenade and sticks it in Miles’ mouth, pulls the pin and tells him to enjoy his breakfast. Locke has turned into one crazy dude. He is trying to get information from Ben but cannot outwit Ben. He can no longer find the cabin of Jacob and he is being questioned by everyone.

It was very interesting to see how just being back in houses made changes to people. The houses are nice they aren’t decked out with designer faucets but they do have running water. The thing that was interesting was when John Locke goes to Claire’s house. He doesn’t knock he just busts in. While Claire has already assimilated with being back in a house John has not. He has gone completely native and will continue to spiral into his own madness till he gets more direction from the island.

Meanwhile on Team Jack the team at the beach is introduced to Charlotte and Daniel. For the most part the survivors are pretty happy to see them or at least aren’t trying to kill them right off. So that is saying something on this island. Jack and Co try and raise the ship all day long. No answer. So they get the emergency number and find out that the helicopter has not made it back to the ship. It obviously makes it at some point as Sayid is one of the Oceanic 6. Next week we learn the fate of the chopper.

Tonight we also learn the identity of one more member of the Oceanic 6. I called it very early on in the episode. The clues were all over the place. At the end of the show Kate gets off with 10 years probation. No jail time. She comes home to see her son. Her son looks to be about 4 or 5 but I can’t tell. And her son is Aaron. I saw it coming from very early in the show and it was reinforced when Kate and Claire were hanging laundry and Claire asked Kate to look after Aaron. Kate refused because she was “not good with kids”. Then in the trial Kate’s lawyer wanted to bring in her son. So I saw it coming. It makes things even more interesting. What happened to Claire? More questions.

Here is what TV Squad had to say.

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Comic Book : Spotlight Arcee

Posted by BenSpark on February 22, 2008

I am enjoying the Transformers Spotlight series. This is where a particular character has a book all about themselves. Most of the time they only get one book but other times we have a two part series and then there was the 4 part Megatron Origins series that totally rocked.

This spotlight is about the Autobot female, Arcee. We learn some big things in this book too. For one thing there was no gender in the Transformers until Arcee came about. And apparently her being female was an experiment by Jhiaxus. Arcee is also a major threat and a killing machine. This spotlight gave more depth to a character that we thought we knew and certainly loved. I mean, who doesn’t love Arcee?

We see also that gestalt technology is also and experiment and the Decepticons are trying to get that tech for themselves. The combaticons are actually attempting to liberate some five gestalt robots in an effort to gain the technology of the combiners. Some very cool moments were when Arcee dispatched one of the combaticons with an energon sword through the back.

Somehow however she failed to keep the five gestalt robots from being abducted. I have to reread this but I think someone slipped by her. Arcee was very bad ass in this comic, so just because she is pink doesn’t mean that she is no threat. She is certainly a threat.

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Transformers Animated: Along Came a Spider

Posted by BenSpark on February 21, 2008

I am really diggin’ the new Transformers Animated TV show. Many people do not like it because they don’t like the Teen Titans design of the Transformers characters. I think it works. And the reason I like this show is that the stories are so much better than the more recent shows where every other thing there was a major battle and nothing was resolved and everyone ‘powered up’ and again it was ridiculous.

This show is much more complex as there are actual plot lines. We also see some great appearances by other famous Transformers characters. There was an episode where Ratchet had a flashback to being captured by a Decepticon and Arcee was also captured along with him. In this episode we see a flashback of Optimus Prime’s where he is with Sentinel Prime and Elita One. I knew Sentinel Prime was going to be on the show but I didn’t know about Elita One being on it.

I like how the show isn’t as corny as the others were a character runs off somewhere but stays in place like they are running on a treadmill. That shtick gets a little old after a while. Nope, characters here seem to have much more realistic reactions to things.

This episode dealt with a specter from Optimus’ past. In the past Optimus, Elita One and Sentinel Prime were exploring and organic world. We find out that organic worlds are off limits to Transformers. But the three go looking for a Decepticon warship that had crashed on the planet. They find the ship but there are some huge spiders on the world that attack the three explorers.

In the fighting Optimus runs away and finds the warship. Then Elita one finds him. They are attacked again by a large group of spiders and Optimus and Elita attempt to escape. Optimus gets away but Elita One is trapped and presumably dead.

Cut to years later and it is Earth and it is Halloween. Optimus is afraid of spiders and along comes a spider by the name of Black Arachnia. She attacks Bumblebee, Sari and Bulkhead as they go trick-or-treating. Black Arachnia captures Sari and there is a showdown with Optimus. Black Arachnia wants Sari’s Allspark key. She wants it so she can purge herself of the organics. She wants to do this because she is really Elita One and was transformed into a techno-organic transformer. It was a good episode overall.

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Knight Rider Movie/Pilot

Posted by BenSpark on February 20, 2008

On Sunday night I made Allison watch the Knight Rider Movie. I was so excited to see it. I loved the new car, I loved what it could do but the movie, well it wasn’t that great.

Here is what I liked.

The Car – That mustang is amazing and I put my three entries into the contest as I watched the movie. I hope I win it.

The nanotechnology – very cool as it was inspired by the Transformer’s movie.

The Knight Foundation reborn

K.I.T.T. going ass backwards out of a C130. It isn’t a giant black trailer truck, but it will do.

Here is what I did not like…

So why did Michael Knight have to leave his son? Never explained.

Who was Michael’s mother in relation to the old show? Should have been Bonnie.

No need to randomly kill a non important character, kid at the hotel.

Val Kilmer sounded more lifeless than HAL.

No cameo by original K.I.T.T.

Overall the movie was entertaining but poorly paced and although it set things up for a series it also wrapped things up too neatly. The cast is pretty weak. There were plot elements that were picked up and totally dropped. I agree with the review over at TV Squad. Some changes need to be made in this series.

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I bought Guitar Hero 3

Posted by BenSpark on February 20, 2008

With my Christmas money I purchased Guitar Hero 3. I went to the store and picked it up. What I probably should have done was use some online coupon codes to get a better discount. I saved $300.00 on my new computer just by using a coupon code from Coupon Chief. They rocked it big time for me.

And speaking of Rock, Guitar Hero 3 absolutely rocks. I am only on easy and can in no way play very fast but I enjoy the songs that I like such as Barracuda. I love playing that song for some reason. The past 3 days have been all about GH3. I have to stop because I am going to miss it big time when I go on vacation.

But when I get back there might be a new guitar waiting for us because, finally guitars are being produced to play two player on the Wii.

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Posted by BenSpark on February 20, 2008

Last night I watched the hyper-active, hyper-violent, and hyper-fast movie Crank. Jason Statham of the Transporter movies starred as Chev Chelios, a hitman who has a change of heart and wants to leave the business. Chev is injected with a drug that is shutting down his adrenal gland so that he will die. He wakes up in his apartment after he is injected and learns that he has an hour to live.

In that hour Chev needs to break it off with his girlfriend, and get the guys who killed him. This starts an 87 minute spree of thrilling action and MTV video like direction. The entire movie was a flash of blood, guns, naked women and speed, speed speed. Speed because if Chev stops, he dies. So the only thing keeping him alive is adrenaline and he continues to do insane things to keep it up.

At one point Chev goes to a hospital to get epinephrine. His doctor tells him to go and get it and to not overdo it. Chev injects himself with 8 times the does advised and what happens next is probably the funniest part of the movie. He run like a madman across the city in a johnny and nothing else except for sneakers. Why he dropped his cloths for a johnny is beyond me because he wasn’t fooling anyone with his disguise.

You can turn off your brain for this one and be prepared to have your senses assaulted from start to finish.

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