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Lost is back

Posted by BenSpark on February 2, 2008

There may be spoilers in my ramblings…

I missed watching lost on Thursday night but did get to see it on Friday when I got home from Indy. I am so glad that Lost is back on the air. The season opener was packed with many great things as well as many more questions. I hope that we get more info before the show goes on hiatus as there were only 8 episodes written prior to the writer’s strike. And this season there are only 16 episodes scheduled. Yikes.

This was a Hurley Centric episode which is fantastic. We see Hurley in Flash Forwards and this must be before Jack goes completely bonkers. Hurley gets himself thrown back into the mental institution and he likes it there. I could tell that this was going to be an episode about Hurley from the opening shot of a pile of mangos. When they blew up I thought that Hurley blew them up on the island because he’s not a fan of them. But the car chase was pretty cool. It looks like Hurley did not lose all his money after all.

I was so worried that when Hurley did his cannonball he was going to end up face to face with Charlie’s corpse. That was because of the scene in the police department. I can’t believe they tied back to Anna Lucia’s old partner. That was pretty incredible. So Why did Hurley lie and say he didn’t know her? Why are Jack and Hurley lying about what happened on the island. What is the big secret? I think that is going to be the big thing this season, why is the island a big secret?

Also who are the other 3 people who got off the island as Hurley said he was part of the Oceanic 6. So we know that Jack, Kate and Hurley made it back, but who else? I do like the flashbacks and the flash forwards. This season is going to rock.

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