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Boston Romance…

Posted by BenSpark on February 14, 2008

When Allison and I were married we had out honeymoon in Aruba. Aruba was certainly a very romantic place but before we left on our honeymoon to Aruba we spent the night in Boston. There are so many things to do in Boston. We took a walk on the waterfront near the New England Aquarium. We had lunch at Cheers and even walked around Quincy Market.

I had plenty of points for Marriott and was able to get us a room at the Long Wharf hotel. We had a great view of Boston Harbor. As a romantic gesture I had the hotel also bring us freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and a big pitcher of ice cold milk. It might not sound romantic to you but that extra touch really put a nice to end to our day in Boston.

We didn’t do any of the popular tours that can be found in Boston but there is a company called Trusted Tours & Attractions and they offer some awesome tours for you while in Boston and other cities across the country. You can even sign up for their newsletter and Win a free digital camera. It is a pretty nice one too, a Canon power shot. That would be a perfect addition to any romantic getaway. We’d probably use out now for family vacations and so we should start looking into family vacation ideas in the various cities across the country.

We are going down to the Orlando and the Miami areas very soon so a quick look at the tours in those locations should help us find some great activities.

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