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I missed my Guitar Hero Chance

Posted by BenSpark on February 14, 2008

Guitar Hero 3 was out at Toy’s R US this week for $69.99. I should have high tailed it over to TRU to get my copy. I have been waiting to get Guitar Hero 3 for the Wii once there were 2 controllers. I don’t think it would be much fun waiting around for my turn to play while Allison plays the game. Allison got to play at her friend Amy’s house last week and she really liked the game. So now I know I need to go get it.

I tried going to TRU last night but every package was already sold. I waited way to long. I missed my chance to get this game at a discount. I will go back to waiting for sets with two guitars rather than just the single guitar. I know I am going to enjoy the game and it will be a really fun one to play with Allison.

I haven’t been playing on the Wii much lately but we did just get two new games. I bought Cooking Mama Cook Off for Allison for Valentine’s Day and she bought me Smarty Pants. Both games are great for multiple people and will be so much fun when we have folks over to play. No waiting around because they are multiplayer games. Yes!

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