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Posted by BenSpark on February 20, 2008

Last night I watched the hyper-active, hyper-violent, and hyper-fast movie Crank. Jason Statham of the Transporter movies starred as Chev Chelios, a hitman who has a change of heart and wants to leave the business. Chev is injected with a drug that is shutting down his adrenal gland so that he will die. He wakes up in his apartment after he is injected and learns that he has an hour to live.

In that hour Chev needs to break it off with his girlfriend, and get the guys who killed him. This starts an 87 minute spree of thrilling action and MTV video like direction. The entire movie was a flash of blood, guns, naked women and speed, speed speed. Speed because if Chev stops, he dies. So the only thing keeping him alive is adrenaline and he continues to do insane things to keep it up.

At one point Chev goes to a hospital to get epinephrine. His doctor tells him to go and get it and to not overdo it. Chev injects himself with 8 times the does advised and what happens next is probably the funniest part of the movie. He run like a madman across the city in a johnny and nothing else except for sneakers. Why he dropped his cloths for a johnny is beyond me because he wasn’t fooling anyone with his disguise.

You can turn off your brain for this one and be prepared to have your senses assaulted from start to finish.

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