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Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles: The Demon Hand

Posted by BenSpark on February 26, 2008

There are Spoilers. You have been warned.

I just watched Terminator, the Sarah Connor Chronicles and this episode blew me away. It did so because of all of the ties to T2. Here are the great moments.

The episode begins with Cameron riding up on a police motorcycle in the oversized mirror glasses. She looked so much like Robert Patrick’s T-1000 from T2. It was an excellent homage to that movie. Cameron shuts down a power grid so she can walk into the police station to retrieve the robotic hand that is in evidence. It is not there.

When Cameron comes back without the hand she is given a mission to find Demitri, the man who stole the Turk. She is to get close to his sister who is a ballet instructor. Summer Glau gets her chance to show off her ballet skills. What grace.

Sarah and Cameron figure that the FBI has the hand and so Sarah calls about it. The person at the FBI asks Agent Ellison about the hand and he denies it ever existed. We cut to Ellison’s house where he has tapes of Sarah in the mental institution. That was another great tie back to T2. We see Sarah break down about the machines, destroy her cell and also spend time with Dr. Silberman.

I was disappointed that Earl Boen did not play Dr. Silberman. He’s still alive and he played Silberman in all three Terminator movies. Dr. Silberman was played by Bruce Davidson (who was recently in the Knight Rider movie BTW). Silberman is now living up in the mountains. He greets Agent Ellison warmly and offers him some tea…

Meanwhile Sarah is breaking into Ellison’s house and stealing a very specific videotape from her time in the institution. A tape she wants no one to see. She wants to destroy it. Um, so why bring it home and leave it on the counter? Of course John finds it, watches it in with headphones so we don;t know what is being said or done. He begins to cry then takes off. Smooth move Sarah.

Derek and Cameron have a conversation at the table. He says that he knows what she is and she says the same back to him. I am convinced that Derek was the one who cracked in that torture building in the future and that Cameron was the torturer. He seems to hint at his failings when he talks with John later in the episode.

Back in the mountains Dr. Silberman has poisoned Agent Ellison and makes sure that Agent Ellison is not a terminator so he stabs Agent Ellison in the leg. Not a terminator. Poor Ellison. Silberman has spent a lot of time reading the bible. Ellison also reads the bible and find it brings him comfort. Silberman likens Sarah’s predictions to that of the book of revelations.

Then Ellison tells Silberman he believes in the robots and that Sarah was not crazy. Ellison has the hand with him in the car. Silberman goes and gets it, then injects Ellison with something. When Ellison comes to, Silberman is dousing the floor with a gas. Ellison is tied up and drugged. Silberman lights a match quotes the bible and leaves.

Outside his home he runs into Sarah Connor. He apologizes for ever doubting her. She punches him squarely in the nose and knocks him out. Apology accepted. She then rescues Agent Ellison. We learn this later during the voice over end montage.

In a fantastic feat of poetic justice Dr. Silberman is locked up in the very facility where he was a doctor. It was probably the same room that Sarah Connor was in when she was there. It was retribution from Agent Ellison for the torture and kidnapping, and attempted murder that he suffered at Dr. Silberman’s hands.

Cameron goes to a ballet class. Summer Glau has a chance to use her ballet skills. I found it interesting that she was so intrigued in learning more about ballet and wanting to improve. All the talk about the soul in this episode was interesting too. Cameron gets close to the ballet instructor to find her brother Demitri. Demitri owed some men some money and so he stole the turk and sold it. He also changed the algorithm so it would lose the last match. The Turk is still a viable threat.

In one very cold and chilling scene Cameron leaves the apartment of the Ballet instructor and Demitri as men are coming to kill them. She just walks by them as the men break into the apartment and gunshots ring out. Very chilling.

The tape, what was on it? The tape was Sarah Connor signing over all parental rights to John. This upset John greatly. Finally at the end of the episode Sarah and John talk. The date on the tape was the same day that Sarah planned on escaping to come and get John. It was also the date when John and the T-100 came to rescue Sarah. They talk about that day and how Sarah was so angry at John for attempting to rescue her, in a softer moment Sarah admits that maybe she was too harsh.

Some other observations and T2 tie ins.

John even brings up Todd and Janelle, his foster parents in T2. The ones Killed by the T-1000. He does so when talking to Derek. This is the scene where I think Derek is hinting at his failings. I think that Derek ratted out the location of the safe house tunnels.

Dr. Silberman recounts the events of the day Sarah escapes from the institution. Silberman is like the only guy who doesn’t die in these movies and just misses being killed each time. His description of the T-1000 was cool, like liquid mercury.

They get the hand and destroy it. The Chip is still out there with Cameron.

The voiceover at the end was chilling as Sarah talks about how machines cannot create art and if they could they wouldn’t have to destroy us, they would be us. This happens as Cameron dances ballet and Derek looks on.

Next week is the 2 hour seasons finale. It is gonna be amazing! If they can put in some GnR somewhere in the show that would be excellent. I can’t wait for the finale. This has been an excellent show so far. I hope it gets a second season.

4 Responses to “Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles: The Demon Hand”

  1. Danny said

    They made a mistake about revelations. It’s Revelation, singular. One Revelation, not many.

  2. The BenSpark said

    Your looking to Hollywood for accuracy. Hah. I probably should have caught that too, even before I wrote about it.

  3. Scott said

    I really, really need to watch the Terminator movies. I think I’ve seen them but I don’t remember them..and I’m missing all these tie-ins in the show!

  4. The BenSpark said

    One thing I made sure to do was buy the original terminator and have my wife watch it before we watched the second episode. We also watched T2 and that has made all the difference in her enjoyment of the show. She loves it now.

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