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Lost: The Constant

Posted by BenSpark on February 29, 2008

Spoilers observations and the like abound, you have been warned.

I really enjoyed last night’s episode of LOST. It was a Desmond, time traveling Brotha, episode. This one is one of my favorite episodes of the season. We do not learn about another Oceanic 6 member, which is good, gotta save something for later. But what we do learn about is a bit of how and why Desmond is able to time hop.

Last season, Desmond would get these flashbacks that were so vivid and real. He would travel back in time and relive certain evens and attempt to prevent the outcome. He would protect Charlie over and over as Charlie was destined to die. What Desmond learned last season and what was confirmed again by Daniel Faraday is that you cannot change the future. I hope Sarah Connor realizes that and starts stockpiling Thermite somewhere as Judgment day is coming, but I digress.

In this episode, as the helicopter made its way through a thunderstorm Desmond had a flash and returned to his time in the army. This didn’t bode well for his squad because his disorientation caused them additional PT in double time. It was good to see a Desmond episode because we learn more and more about his past. Desmond joined the Army to impress Penny’s father. He learns that this was incredibly futile as her father will never accept him as anything. Desmond even asks why Mr. Widemore hates him. I missed the answer. I will have to watch this episode again next Thursday int he enhanced version as there were many little things that need repeating.

While a time jumping episode leaves many people confused I was not confused at all. I could see a resolution coming and was very happy with it. The best part of this was that Daniel Faraday may be okay because Desmond is his constant. Out of all the new characters I like Daniel Faraday very much. I hope he doesn’t get killed. I think that his introduction in his home with his caregiver where he is crying over the crash of 815 was probably the end of an episode of time jumping. But who knows.

There was one scene that should be of particular interest and that is of the logbook of the Black Rock. IT was written by a Hanso and then acquired by Charles Widemore. Connections like crazy I must say. I am really looking forward to the enhanced version next week to see more of that.

We meet a very more of the freighties including Minikowski, who was played by Fischer Stevens. I like Fischer Stevens, he plays such wacky characters. He was the bad guy in hackers I think. Anyway he was the communications officer and he got a little too close to the island and went nuts, he time jumped (I presume) and I bet that he whacked out and destroyed the communication room. Anyway, we meet him as he is strapped to a bed, he ends up dying in Desmond’s arms however as the time jumping finally catches up to him and since he had no constant he expired.

The constant refers to having an anchor to keep you grounded as you time jump. All throughout the episode when Desmond Time jumped he was unfamiliar with the people and the surroundings. He took time to get acclimated. In te future he still had the consciousness of his past and knew no one in the helicopter or on the ship. In the past he was confused for a few minutes each time but knew where he was, just not why he was there at the time.

AS Desmond began piecing things together he would remember important things like Penny’s number and when they finally got a chance to talk Desmond was cured because he had found his anchor, his constant.

And the big reveal at the end was that Desmond is the constant for Daniel Faraday. I hope this means that our brilliant scientist (who had a terrible head of long hair in the past) is going to get better.

2 Responses to “Lost: The Constant”

  1. Mo said

    I hate Desmond episodes.

    I think everyone else does too because it was the lowest rated episode of the season thus far.

    Stupid Desmond!

  2. The BenSpark said

    I like Desmond Episodes. They are some really good ones for the science fiction aspects of the show. I love the time travel.

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