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The Sarah Connor Chronicles: What He Beheld

Posted by BenSpark on March 4, 2008

As Always Spoilers.

The second hour of the two hour finale was the better hour, however it was just not enough to make it a season finale. And on that I agree with TV Squad. Sure there are tons of unanswered questions. There are also some cliffhangers but I really was hoping for something more. I am just not sure what it was that I was hoping for.

I loved the use of Johnny Cash’s When the Man Comes Around in this episode. I thought to myself when Agent Ellison was quoting to Charlie Dixon that the Johnny Cash song would fit very well in this episode. I was not disappointed. Judgment Day is Armageddon and it just figures that a song about Armageddon would eventually make its way onto the show.

In this episode we did not get comic relief in the form of Derek brushing his teeth. That was a pretty good part of last episode that I should have mentioned in the last post. I love that sort of humor, very subtle.

In this episode we get way more questions. The biggest one for me is why Cromartie did not kill Agent Ellison when he had him point blank at the end of the battle. It was eerie as swat team member after swat team member landed in the pool and a wisp of blood was seen. There must have been about 10 or so that went into the pool. And in the end Cromartie was let standing and so was Agent Ellison. Agent Ellison is reloading his gun and Cromartie aims his gun at Agent Ellison. And then does not kill him. So the obvious answer to this is that Ellison has something to do with the creation of Skynet.

Throughout the episode Sarah is trying to get the Turk from a man who has killed the gang that was run by Enrique’s nephew. It seems that all were killed except for the girl who kept watch. She seems so cold that I wonder if she is a terminator as well. However Cameron gives her a gun and asks her, “Do I have to kill you now?” I wonder if that was a threat to tell the girl to kill herself or keep quiet? Very odd exchange.

One very interesting part of the episode was the revelation that Derek knew that John was his nephew. And that Derek was the older Reese Brother. I really thought that he was the younger one. Derek takes John to the park and he sees his father as a boy. Young Kyle and Derek Reese are playing baseball in the park. I immediately know who they were because of an earlier flashback of Derek’s. This moment that the two men shared together was very moving. However Derek’s words were chilling and I thought that he was going to do something to either the earlier versions of himself and his brother. The episode ends where Derek is still at the park so I wonder if that is still a possibility.

The crew eventually tracks down the man who killed Enrique’s nephew’s gang. Derek kills him with a single shot in front of a small child. He covers her eyes but still did it in front of her, she heard the shot. However, that was not her father and that man was not the one who had the Turk. Another man did and he rigged a bomb in the jeep that exploded with Cameron inside. While that explosion was not enough to kill Cameron, it probably singed off her human skin leaving the shiny metal finish.

So I wonder if the show will return so we can have our questions answered. We shall see.

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