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Posted by BenSpark on March 12, 2008 opened their virtual doors to the public today. Haven’t heard of I am surprised that I missed it too but not anymore. I signed up first thing this morning and now hundreds of TV shows are online for me to watch. Some shows have the full seasons up and some only a few episodes. I wonder why Chuck only has 4 episodes up.

From the About page.

“Hulu was founded in March 2007 and is a joint venture owned by NBC Universal and News Corp. In addition, Hulu has closed a $100 million investment from private equity firm Providence Equity Partners.”

So since is an NBC property then why isn’t a new NBC show like Chuck fully supported with episodes? I want my Chuck people.

A great thing that you can do with Hulu is embed TV shows in your blog posts so when I post a review about tv shows I can embed the episode so you can watch for yourself. That is sweet. Oh and there are full length movies on as well. Who needs a DVD player.

Here is the a clip from SNL.

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