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Young Hercules

Posted by BenSpark on March 12, 2008

Another discovery. The spinoff origin show from Hercules with Kevin Sorbo was called Young Hercules and starred a young Ryan Gosslin. There are 1/2 hour episodes online already. I am not sure how many there were in total but I really liked this show. It was cute, it was funny and it had that distinct Sam Raimi style.

I just watched the pilot episode and it starts off with Ares, the god of War sparring an invisible opponent and going on about what it is to be a god. His nephew Strife is lamenting being in the shadow of other gods. They hatch a plan to kill Hercules and avoid Zeus’ wrath. That is the trouble when you are a half-god, you have to fight for your place.

Here is the 1st episode. Check it out as there are 49 more on

2 Responses to “Young Hercules”

  1. FlowerGirlPrincess said

    i used to love this show!!! i wonder what kevin sorbo is doing now? and xena what about her?…lol…wow, you kn ow young herculese played on sat. mornings for a while.

  2. The BenSpark said

    This was a very fun show. Kevin Sorbo has guest starred on a few shows and so has lucy lawless, she was last seen on Burn notice on USA and Kevin Sorbo was on Psych on USA.

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