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Movie: The Italian Job (1969)

Posted by BenSpark on January 28, 2008

Today Allison and I watched The Italian Job. This was the 1969 original version. I liked the remake much better. This movie was very strange. Not much on plot and there were some confusing parts. The best part of this movie was the minis tearing around Italy.

Apparently Michael Caine's character was in prison. There was also a criminal mastermind called Bridger who was also in prison. And everyone in prison sings and wears suits. So weird. Then after the team gets the gold they tear off into the mountains in a bus. As the bus went around corners each mini was tossed out and down the cliffs. So why was it that after all the minis were tossed out the gold was at the back of the bus? I guess it was there so that the smiling terrible driver could put the bus off the road and then land precariously teetering over the edge of a cliff. The the movie just ends.

Benny Hill was also in this movie as a computer genius and a letch. This was the first time I had ever heard him speak.

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Product Placement

Posted by BenSpark on January 20, 2008

In movies and TV shows there are many spots for product placement. It helps defray the cost of production by generating advertising dollars. I’ve seen major sponsors like Coke and Chevy (Transformers anyone?) But what about furniture stores. In every single movie that is not animated there has to be some form of furniture. How do the movie and television companies afford to have so much furniture in their productions?

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Wes Molebash interviewed by Wizard

Posted by BenSpark on March 4, 2007

Wes Molebash was interviewed by Wizard Entertainment recently about You’ll Have That.

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Update on Jack

Posted by BenSpark on January 31, 2007

I just talked to Allison, Jack is out of the coma. He seems to be doing well at the moment. Please still keep him in his prayers for a healthy recovery.

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HP Scavenger Hunt Ends

Posted by BenSpark on January 8, 2007

At least I think it has. I haven't had Internet Access in 45 minutes. All the pieces should be out now, including a puzzle key. The competition was fun. Congrats to the winner, whoever you are.

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Another Postie is a Hostie

Posted by BenSpark on January 4, 2007

Check out Postie Scorpy and her cool sites. The first one is called Marisa’s Dandelion Patch and the other is called Scribble on the Wall. Marisa’s Dandelion Patch is hosting my Photo-a-Day and Marisa wrote a great post about Photo-A-Day. I love the picture she picked as well as why she picked it. Marisa’s Dandelion Patch is a great personal blog with many wonderful posts. She started her blog back in 2000, That is six years of powerful blogging. So cool. Wish I had heard of blogs back then.

Scribble on the Wall is a new blog that Marisa is hosting. From what I can see Scribble on the Wall is a cool collection of great sites that Marisa has found over the years. One thing is the future e-mail link. It reminded me of the Future Dwight episode of The Office. Check out both of Marisa’s sites.

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Bunch of random stuff…

Posted by BenSpark on December 21, 2006

There are people pimping everything out. My Ride, My Truck, My Nutcracker? Yeah you can pimp out your nutcracker. Here is mine.

Last night while we watched Transformers we saw the trailer for the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. I just read a story that Sarah Michelle Gellar has joined the cast as the voice of April O’Neil. Kevin Smith is also making a cameo voice too.

Zach Braff is in a new movie with Jason Bateman and Amanda Peet. It is called Fast Track. I must see it.

I found the Trailer for Shrek the 3rd online as well. I thought this was supposed to have something to do with King Aurthur and the Knights of the round table. But it looks good none-the-less. And Mo, this one has Justin Timberlake in it.

There is also this wacky game. Allison will love it. Sprouts.

I found two scenes that have been edited by fans for the Transformers movie. See if you can figure out what was added. Prime Transforming. The Pentagon.

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Posted by BenSpark on December 21, 2006

You know how I almost always have good things to say about movies and books and whatnot. I hate negative comments about things I like. However last night Allison and I saw Eragon and we were both very disappointed. We both loved listening to the book on CD and were disappointed on how the movie was thrown together.

He Said:

What Drew Liked:
I loved how Saphira looked, she was very much like the cover art on the book. I liked Jeremy Irons as Brom. He was a very good character choice, wish we got to see more of that. Ed Speleers as Eragon was also a good choice. I liked the flying scenes. The beginning wasn’t that bad because the lives of Garrow, Roran and Eragon are highlighted and you see how Roran and Eragon are like two brothers and Garrow loves them very much.

What Drew Didn’t Like:
The pace of the movie was so fast that no character development was established. When Brom dies we have not seen the mentor and apprentice bond or train together. Training, there was absolutely no training, Brom and Eragon have one fight by the stream and Brom espouses the dangers and lessons of magic. The story was so different from the book that it was distracting to watch. I had a hard time separating from what I knew of the story and what was being rammed through my senses. Characters were not introduced, Roran just leaves, nothing about being an apprentice miller and doing that so he could earn money to marry his sweetheart Katrina. We never even meet Katrina. Horst was cast terribly, he looked like a worn out old man not the robust blacksmith that was imposing. Not what I pictured for Horst at all. So much was terrible and rushed. There needed to be some sort of 80’s-like training montage because Eragon goes from a skilled hunter to a fierce warrior in basically a day and a half. And are we to believe that Saphira grew just by flying in the air because no time was established for that at all. She grew so incredibly fast. This movie was so very disappointing and I feel cheated for being so excited for the movie.

She said:

What Allison Liked:
The animation of Saphira was amazing. She was soo cute when she first hatched. The scenery was incredible! I really liked Ed Speelers as Eragon and Jeremy Irons as Brom.

What Allison Didn’t Like:
The incredible lack of character development! The lack of discernible time frames – it seemed like Saphira grew up in one day and that it took an afternoon for Brom and Eragon to complete their travels and that the preparations in Alagaesia took a couple of hours. It was all so rushed. I think that fans would have been more than willing to sit through two and a half to three hours for this movie to be done well. There was so much that was cut out of this movie from the book – I understand, you can only do so much in the time that you have, but I really felt like they cut out some important information for no real reason. It was pretty disappointing.

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Will Smith Rapping ’bout movies…

Posted by BenSpark on December 21, 2006

I found this today and it is pretty funny. I love Will smith and probably should have gone to see the Pursuit of Happyness last night instead of Eragon.

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I got tagged…

Posted by BenSpark on December 21, 2006

Okay fellow Posties I got tagged by Lisa and Skeet. They are Posties from PayPerPost and have tagged me to state 5 things that people do not know about me. If you have ever read this blog you probably know everything about me because I tell you even the intimate details of what I have for breakfast. Okay here are 5 things. I don’t usually do this but the link exchange is nice.

1# – I used to have a polar bear teddy bear that I called Whitey and my sisters called Wipey to tease me.

2# – I am not a fan of crowds, they make me agitated

3# – I wrote a book of poetry in college and sold it in the dorms to meet girls. Yikes that was way emo. I don’t know, was that emo? (I’m not up on the hip things kids say these days 🙂 )

4# – I signed my 8th grade yearbook Andrew “Transformer” Bennett, III.

5# – I got booed off a stage during a dance contest on the Cape when my good friend started shouting “Drew” and the rest of the crowd began to shout “Boo”, Oh and I sucked at dancing. But I won 2 T-Shirts and they got stolen.

Okay Gotta Tag 5 other People- Mo, Autumn, Stephen, Owen and Harry

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