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Lost Boys 2: The Tribe

Posted by BenSpark on March 12, 2008

The exclusive premiere trailer for Lost Boys 2 went up on MTV today.

Strangely there is an embed link however the video can only be played at So why bother giving me a link in the first place. Not that you shouldn’t go and check out the trailer as it is pretty fun. I hope that it captures the fun and scary parts of the first movie and doesn’t turn into a very gory slasher-fest.

There is also a set of interview videos with Corey Feldman. In them he reveals that yes, Corey Haim will be in the movie, the Two Coreys back on film, back together again. The film looks like a nice update for the franchise 21 years later. I’ve got to dig back and see the original film again. I think it scared the heck out of me way back when.

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