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Movie I want to see: Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay

Posted by BenSpark on March 11, 2008

I enjoyed the heck out of Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. If only for the Neil Patrick Harris cameo. I think he is an absolute riot for making fun of himself in that way. Obviously now we know that he is gay but does that make his character of Barney on How I met Your Mother any less of a womanizer. Nope. Barney and Neil Patrick Harris (from the Harold and Kumar movies) would get along pretty well. Although I think that NPH would be way more than Barney could handle.

The premise of the movie is that Harold and Kumar are heading to Amsterdam to follow the girl from the first movie. However they are mistaken for terrorists and and then on a cross country trip to evade the law. This movie will actually provide much more social commentary than the quest for the perfect meal. By the Way NPH will be back in this movie too.

Also I have yet to go to a White Castle and now that I’ve given up Fries I see no point.

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