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Alicia Silverstone on HIMYM???

Posted by BenSpark on March 12, 2008

I really like Alicia Silverstone. I think that she is underrated as an actress and has done some fine work. When I heard that she may be in a multi-episode arc on How I Met Your Mother as the mysterious woman from earlier in the season, the yellow umbrella one, I was happy. Today I saw a post on TV Squad that Britney Spears will also make a cameo on HIMYM and now Alicia Silverstone has pulled out of the project.

But here is something interesting Sarah Chalke from Scrubs will be taking Silverstone’s place. I love Sarah Chalke and think that she is very funny and will make a great guest on the show. She is even doing Hanes commercials now. And they play on her funny role on Scrubs as Dr. Eliot Reed, pratfalls and the like.

Whatever happens I am kinda disappointed that Britney Spears is going near the show in any way. This is a bad move for HIMYM.

This was speculated as rumor but is also up on E! Online’s site.

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Tv show: How I Met Your Mother: The Platinum Rule

Posted by BenSpark on December 12, 2007

Barney has many rules and each one more preposterous than the next. But thanks to the wonderful show How I Met Your Mother you can see how some of his rules might work in real life. Take the Lemon Law for example, that is a riot. It’s gonna be a thing!

I love how this episode brought up all of Barney’s little crazy rules. I also love it when the show brings up Barney’s Blog. When TV shows take the time to make a blog and reference it in the show itself they are providing even more content to their readers. That is something I love about Heroes, Psych and How I Met Your Mother, you can learn more about the show even when it is not on the air. It is a brilliant marketing tool.

Oh and I missed nearly the entire episode this week as I was helping my dad move photos around. I will have to watch it online. Another great thing from a TV show is the ability to watch their programming online.

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TV Show: How I Met Your Mother: The Yips

Posted by BenSpark on November 29, 2007

Monday night’s How I met your mother was one of the funnier ones so far because it brought back Wayne Brady as Barney’s gay brother. What is great is that Barney remembers things so differently then they actually happened. For one thing he thought that be was a great lover and really rocked the world of “The Man-Maker” Rhonda. When he found out the truth he ended up losing his mojo a la Austin Powers in the second movie (I think).

Well Barney finally gets his mojo back after a long and painful to watch time at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show after party. He was a bumbling fumbling idiot and not his usual confident self. Eventually another time with Ronda got his mojo back.

Now what I can’t seem to understand is that we tend to forget that this show is about a father telling his kids these stories. How does he get around all the sex involved? I know he had some euphemisms for pot so I wonder how he tells these Barney stories and even stories of his own exploits.

That aside the trip to the Gym was a riot. The evil trainer who made Ted and Marshall cry was very funny and Ted skipping out on the gym every day for some reason or another. I can sympathize with not having your iPod with you or even charged. But that is no reason to leave the gym.

The scenes between robin and Ted were pretty funny as their sexual tension is pretty much destroyed. Good. I am sick of that storyline. Lets get to finding the actual mother of Ted’s scarred for life kids.

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TV Show: How I Met Your Mother: Slapsgiving

Posted by BenSpark on November 21, 2007

How good was Slapsgiving. I just love it when Marshall gets some good airtime. The whole countdown clock and the turkeys made from hands and the dropping Slapsgiivng instead of Thanksgiving while they were at the bar. Yeah Marshall shined in this episode. And who knew he was such a musician.

I loved much about this episode including the whole way that Ted thought of Robin’s date. It was funny as future Ted looks back and remembers what he could have actually looked like and then how he saw the guy. Pretty funny. I love how you had this older gentleman coming in with jello shots and saying all these things trying to be young and hip. It was very funny.

I’m sure that more than a few mailboxes will be full of this season’s DVD set when it comes out because this show just gets funnier and funnier.

I loved how Barney totally loses it when he realizes that the slap i a mere two hours away. His insane Barney rants are just so funny. I can’t wait to hear what he has to say about Slapsgiving on his blog.

So with the writers strike happening I wonder how many more HIMYM episodes are in the can and when we are going to be deprived of them.

Ted and Robin – relapse sex, big no.

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TV Show: How I Met Your Mother: How I Met Everyone Else

Posted by BenSpark on October 29, 2007

This episode has to be one of my favorites of the season because it did all that fun time shifting that HIMYM is known for. I love seeing Ted and Marshall in the future as well as in the past. I also caught another hint toward Barney and Robin getting together. I know he gave her that welcome mat and I think that there is something between them. That is going to be a big reveal sometime in this show. It has to be. I guess because I want it to be. And the fact that Robin so vehemently denied that they were a couple means to me that the lady doth protest too much.

Ted meeting Marshall was a riot and substituting sandwiches for joints was a good way for Ted to tell the story to his kids. I really liked how the story of Marshall and Lily met was so idealized that when you learn the full truth of it you have to laugh. Lily certainly was not a fashion plate back in college not even a wholesale fashion plate. That outfit was one that even Willow wouldn’t have worn. And I don’t think it was goth, it was more grunge, but maybe that was just me.

This episode did keep us hooked with the final bit while future Marshall, Lily, and Ted shared a “sandwich” and Ted said “Where is my wife?” Where is Ted’s wife, are we going to finally meet her this year? With the show being very careful about time lines I am wondering how much longer we are going to be able to hold out before the wife is introduced so that the kids are old enough in the future.

And speaking of the future I looked at the Slap Bet countdown and we have 3 more weeks to wait for the next slap. I thought it was coming sooner. Oh well.

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TV Show: How I Met Your Mother

Posted by BenSpark on October 17, 2007

I was able to see this past Monday’s as well as the Monday from the previous week episode of How I Met Your Mother.

Basically this should now be called Ted: The Horny Years. Ted is on the prowl after the breakup with Robin and he is riding the coattails of Barney. Last Week’s episode was all about how Ted was trying to ride the Tricycle. A euphemism for a threesome. Barney was coaching him on how to seal the deal. We are left wondering if he did or not.

Last night’s episode involved a bet between Barney and Ted. I did like how the end things were all turned around and it showed how this show can be very very funny at times. Having Barney set everything up and then mess with Ted’s head the whole time was evil genius. I did love the little Barney Mt. Climber all over the girl, that was pretty funny and reminded me a bit of Army of Darkness.

I also liked how Barney’s plan backfired on him too.

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Tv Show Catchup

Posted by BenSpark on October 15, 2007

I have had a busy week. Can you guess why?

Nap time!

Yep, Baby Eva was born this past Wednesday at 12:04pm. She Weights 8lbs 5.8 ounces. She is also 20 1/2 inches long. She is an absolute joy to have in our lives.

However I did not get to watch many TV shows tis past week and Blog about them. Here is a recap.

Chuck – I really enjoy this show. The main character is very funny and the rest of the cast is pretty funny as well. I really like seeing Adam Baldwin back on TV.

This week Chuck was on his first assignment and at the same time tried to prove himself worthy of being the assistant manager. I love how Chuck knocks himself out for the manager who could give a crap about doing anything. We did get to see some of the other Nerd Herders in action. So that was fun. All in all a good episode.

Heroes – The season is still awesome. Creepy West is getting closer and closer to Clare, however I don’t trust him. Peter has the box but hasn’t opened it yet. Sylar returns and kills Candice. But he doesn’t get her powers. Weird, Did he actually kills her? She is a very interesting character and I like how they can pull in any actress or actor to play her. Hiro is still in Japan, however he is falling in love with the princess. He is very worried about screwing up the future with his actions but I still believe that he has something to do with becoming Kensei, how else would he get such confidence when he meets Peter in the future.

How I Met Your Mother – Missed it and am pretty sure that it didn’t tape either.

Big Bang Theory – See How I met Your Mother

CSI Miami – I fell asleep through most of it, we had had a very long weekend. We had one false alarm that the baby was coming and all that. Apparently Caine’s son is in jail and people know who his father is. Hopefully that boy can get out of jail and get on a straight path with his dad, but I foresee this being a storyline drawn out all season.

Bones – This was another episode that pushed Booth’s limits. He had to investigate a murder of a man who was into “pony play” Weird stuff. Booth also won an argument with Bones and Angela remembered the name of the man she married in a tropical locale. The final montage with Booth describing why making love is much better than the pony play sex was interesting, we still need to see Zack’s story.

Reaper – I caught this show and i was pretty funny. May watch again, hope to catch up online.

SVU – Now that I am a dad, I really have no interest in watching how awful the things that occur on this show. It saddens me so much.

Bionic Woman – Jamie and Sarah are pretty connected, they seem to be able to share the images that each other have. Sarah is able to anticipate what Jamie is about to say. Sarah is also dying. It is probably the nanobots that are doing it, however she needs Jamie to stay alive.

The relationship between Jamie and Sarah is pretty interesting, it makes for a good protagonist/antagonist situation. Is she evil or is she a tragic hero? I wonder how this will play out.

Life – Apparently Charlie’s Fruit obsession isn’t limited to just straight fruit. He has a candy apple in this episode. Charlie also discovered that the daughter of the murder victims on his case was in the house when the murder took place. That seems like something important that was overlooked.

My Name is Earl – The origin of much in Earl’s life was very funny with Michael Rappaport. We learn so much about Earl’s life. One of my more favorite episodes this season.

The Office – Michael is just so clueless. He is invited to a party in New York, but he is not, he is invited to log in to the virtual party. Michael also gave Ryan a little salute online. Ryan is becoming quite a jerk and it is pretty funny. Meredith comes back to the Office in one of the most awkward signing of a cast ever.

CSI – Harold Parneu of Lost guest stars as a pedophile turned reverend. Made for an interesting episode. There is a new character called Ronnie who is slightly annoying and works on a case with Sarah.

Moonlight – Mick goes after a rogue vamp. We learn more about the vamp culture and how Mick was sired. The show is still Angel-lite but it is a decent show.

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Catching up, multiple shows.

Posted by BenSpark on October 4, 2007

I have a feeling that I won’t be catching up too much on my shows if I go one by one so here are some shots that I watched over the past week that I haven’t had time to give a full review to.

How I met Your Mother
– We’re Not From Here.
Barney convinces Ted to pretend that he is not from New York in order to pick up girls. The are successful in picking up some Jersey Girls and hilarity ensues. Barney sure knows how to sell it. He never breaks cover and that is a riot. I love how last week Barney is dragged along with Ted and this week Ted is dragged along with Barney. I do like to see freewheeling Ted on the prowl with Barney because that means more airtime for Barney.

Marshall and Lilly write letters to each other for their death folders, a grouping of information that each other would need after they die. Marshall doesn’t write a letter to Lily and then panics and writes on and then reads the one that she wrote, no touching words just pin codes and other stuff. Marshall is upset, Lily is upset with Marshall for reading the letter. They make up and Lily writes another one with “dirty stuff and pictures” and Marshall remains untempted for 22 years and in the end of the show he opens it and we are led t believe that Lily has dies, she hasn’t and catches him opening the letter. Marshall is upset because there were no pictures in it. Lily says she’ll give him pictures. Marshall mumbles under his breath that he doesn’t want them, NOW.” A cute ending.

Robin and Gaielle – They break up. Oh and she has a gun.

The Big Bang Theory
– The show is growing on me. The characters are starting to gel a bit and the jokes are not that bad. I will give this another episode.

My Name is Earl – I finally watched My Name is Earl’s season premiere online. I missed the season finale so I am not sure about some things but I caught up. Earl is in jail and inside he tried to not be himself (the self that is now helping people). Inside he meets up with a kid that he framed in a robbery case when he was a kid. This guy was a Camden Scout and he was tricked by Earl, attacked by two dogs and send to juvie. Where he became a badass and has been in and out of prison ever since. That character was played by the talented Ben Foster with great comedic timing. The tirade of ways he would kill Earl was a riot.

Joy and Darnell take in Randy. Joy teaches Randy to think for himself. And Randy uses that to steal a car and try and get sent to prison so he can be with Earl. Randy stealing a car was funny.

Best line of the show: “giant headed hillbilly Linus” Joy about Randy carrying Earl’s shirt around.

Bionic Woman – The show has some action potential. Will is dead? What the heck, wasn’t he shot in the shoulder? Oh well, I figure that since Jamie left him and went after Sarah then perhaps will will come back later all bionic and stuff. What is with all the old muscle cars in TV shows these days. A 71 GTO in Bionic, a Charger in Burn Notice and a Charger in Drive (remember that show?). Anyway the show reveals that the place that made Jamie bionic is a clandestine government agency that is protecting the world. Yawn, really another secret government agency. No way.

Life – This is one of the shows that I have really been enjoying. Charlie goes back to the house where the murder occurred so he can learn more. He goes to his ex-partner’s house and you are led to believe that something bad would happen to Charlie but his old partner has Charlie’s gun and badge. This may or may not be a clue to the investigation. We also see the man who put Charlie away for Life. Next week’s episode we will learn more about him.

Charlie is still wolfing down all sorts of fruit any chance he gets. For some reason that interests me the most, why fruit, why so much. Charlie also meets the woman who is going to marry his father. She looks younger than Charlie. Interesting.

Carpoolers – A show that is mildly amusing and can be watched while blogging, one eye on the screen watching a manic Jerry O’Connell and the other on the screen while blogging.

I think I am back up to date with everything. I couldn’t watch Bones because the FCC blocked that show, has anyone else experienced that?

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HIMYM – Season 3 Premiere

Posted by BenSpark on September 28, 2007

Allison and I watched the season premiere of How I Met Your Mother before we went to the last baby class. It was a pretty good season opener and looks like we are getting closer to the possibility finding out how Ted met his kids mother. If anyone is looking for christmas gift ideas for me the first couple seasons of this show would be perfect.

This episode was pretty funny and the whole pre-show promos where Barney is talking to Mandy Moore about her getting naked for the episode. And yep, she did as well as Ted, Barney and her random friend. While that was a pretty funny part the part about how Ted got a tattoo was way funnier. And Barney having a great time at Ted’s expense was hilarious.

I really like how this cast works together. They are pretty polished and have great chemistry. As Ted came out through his shaving of the beard was a laugh fest. The group making fun of Ted with each return visit was very clever. However Lily’s hair is terrible and has thus made he fall of my list. The cut and the color are terrible. Bring back the red head. Please.

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He Said: How I met Your Mother, Heroes 05/14/07

Posted by BenSpark on May 15, 2007

How I Met Your Mother – Marshall and Lily’s wedding was the backdrop but that wasn’t the big story tonight. The big story was the breakup of Robin and Ted. We knew it was coming. It has to happen because Ted doesn’t marry Robin. I thought that perhaps Barney may marry her at some point but we learned this year how ‘Uncle’ Barney became ‘Uncle’ Barney.

So after a long story from Ted and countless interruptions from Barney we learn that Ted and Robin have been broken up for 2 weeks but didn’t want to ruin Lily and Marshall’s wedding with the news.

I did like the end where Ted and Marshall were having the cigars and Barney can barely contain his excitement over becoming Ted’s wingman again. I would have liked to have heard the ‘dary’ part of Legendary and thought that I would have but maybe next season. A very decent season finale.

Heroes – Action intrigue, tests, failings, dead heroes. Tonight had everything awesome about a lead in to the season 1 finale of a fantastic show. D.L. is shot by Linderman but before he dies D.L. sticks his hand into Linderman’s head and tears a huge hole in it. Linderman is dead. Some may say that he will be back because of his healing ability, I wonder if it works on himself and I wonder if he can regenerate his brain because there wasn’t much left of it when D.L. was done. And we have seen time and again with Sylar that the brain is important for the powers of the Heroes.

Sylar catches up with Ted and in one of the coolest parts of the night flips the FBI prisoner transport with the flick of his hand. Then he kills Ted and takes his power. I am still unsure as to how he gets the power, some say he eats the brains but I don’t think he has enough time to do that, there must be something in the brain that he takes to get the power.

Micah rigs the election. Many people saw that coming.

Shape shifting girl isn’t so much a shape shifter but someone who can alter the perception of reality to those around her. She also revealed that she is ‘huge’ to Micah.

Hiro trains with his father and becomes an awesome sword fighter in an afternoon. Ando can’t wait that long so he buys a sword and goes after Sylar himself. This is not a bright thing to do Ando. The only guy who has powers to heal others is dead. I don’t want to see Ando die. He is one of my more favorite characters.

Speaking of healing, guess who can walk now? Yep, Nathan’s wife was healed by Linderman. But Nathan is keeping that a secret.

Nathan wins the election by a landslide, thanks to Micah. Hiro confronts Nathan and calls him a villain.

Mr. Bennet kills his old boss Eric Roberts and with extreme prejudice too. Then he and Matt go after the “Tracking System”. The tracking system is young Molly Walker. Mr. Bennet trains his gun on her and Mohinder attacks the one guy who would most likely help him by knocking out Matt and taking his gun. Smooth move Mohinder, you are by far the smartest dumb-ass on the show.

Peter does not blow up, he can control the power form Ted. He and Claire find out what happened to Ted and they are no determined to stop Sylar.

Next week is going to be packed with awesome. I cannot wait.

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