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Young Hercules

Posted by BenSpark on March 12, 2008

Another discovery. The spinoff origin show from Hercules with Kevin Sorbo was called Young Hercules and starred a young Ryan Gosslin. There are 1/2 hour episodes online already. I am not sure how many there were in total but I really liked this show. It was cute, it was funny and it had that distinct Sam Raimi style.

I just watched the pilot episode and it starts off with Ares, the god of War sparring an invisible opponent and going on about what it is to be a god. His nephew Strife is lamenting being in the shadow of other gods. They hatch a plan to kill Hercules and avoid Zeus’ wrath. That is the trouble when you are a half-god, you have to fight for your place.

Here is the 1st episode. Check it out as there are 49 more on

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There goes the rest of my free time…

Posted by BenSpark on March 12, 2008 opened their virtual doors to the public today. Haven’t heard of I am surprised that I missed it too but not anymore. I signed up first thing this morning and now hundreds of TV shows are online for me to watch. Some shows have the full seasons up and some only a few episodes. I wonder why Chuck only has 4 episodes up.

From the About page.

“Hulu was founded in March 2007 and is a joint venture owned by NBC Universal and News Corp. In addition, Hulu has closed a $100 million investment from private equity firm Providence Equity Partners.”

So since is an NBC property then why isn’t a new NBC show like Chuck fully supported with episodes? I want my Chuck people.

A great thing that you can do with Hulu is embed TV shows in your blog posts so when I post a review about tv shows I can embed the episode so you can watch for yourself. That is sweet. Oh and there are full length movies on as well. Who needs a DVD player.

Here is the a clip from SNL.

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Ringing off the hook

Posted by BenSpark on March 12, 2008

Now that is open to all I wonder how they are going to handle the load. Being able to watch not only your favorite shows from today but being able to watch shows like Sliders, Jack of All Trades and the lesser known Team Knight Rider. Well with that many options I am sure that the folks at are going to need small business phone systems to handle the calls they are going to get from fans of different TV shows and movies. I have a bunch of suggestions myself that I would like to give them.

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Hulu for all

Posted by BenSpark on March 11, 2008

You may have noticed on some of my reviews of the the Sarah Connor Chronicles there are videos attached. Those videos are of the full episode and they come from Hulu has been in closed private beta for some time but tomorrow March 12, 2008 becomes available to the masses. This is an awesome thing because you can watch all your favorite TV shows online so if you media center screws up while you are on vacation you can catch back up.

I tried to get invites to but missed out now I will be able to go and get all the videos I want and embed them on the reviews of the shows that I’ve been blogging about this past year. Sweet.

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