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Media Center, you failed me…

Posted by BenSpark on March 11, 2008

I went away for two weeks on vacation. I put my trust in our new Media center set up to make sure that all of our shows were recorded. While we were gone the Internet connection at the house went down. This happened during the last part of the vacation. The media guide was not able to update and the media center did not ‘know’ that New Amsterdam needed to be recorded on Tuesday AND Thursday last week. So I have episode #1 and #3. I also missed out on one episode of Transformers Animated. And I can’t find either of these shows online by any legal means. Not yet at least. I am hoping to be able to find them soon. I really need some low vision aids because I continue to miss the very fine print with my tech.

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Photo-A-Day #693 03/02/07

Posted by BenSpark on March 3, 2007

So today with the FuelMyBlog launch and the people flocking to the forums for FuelMyBlog things have been busy. I posted about the re-launch and posted it on Digg. This was the first thing I posted to Digg and it has already been Dugg a couple of times. The day has been exciting to say the least.

CompUSA is closing a number of their stores in the area. Dad and I went there after I was done working. The stores are having a liquidation sale and right now the prices are just 10% – 20% off. You can some decent deals on printer paper and things like that. Dad got a thumb drive to sync up his files between computers. They had a 2GB one from SanDisk for $64.99 and the same one at $89.99, the exact same one. I notice this a lot at CompUSA, they have two different prices on the same product. And I always pick that lower one and it rings up for that lower price. I picked up my Tax Software so doing taxes is in my immediate future. I noticed that Taxcut could be purchased on a 512MB thumb drive. That is a good idea for software that you only use once, because the consumer sees something that is useful and feel like they are getting something more for their money.

When we got home I set up the thumb drive to synchronize his files. The synchronize software is pretty sweet.

Tonight we had dinner at Jenerations for fish and chips. Very tasty. And we got home Allison and I took the time to catch up on some shows that we had taped. So it was a mini PSYCH marathon for us. We are not watching the season finale. I really love this show and the last episode isn’t even over and I am missing it

Doesn’t Allison look adorable with the boys on her lap. They have been very needy lately. Allison is getting really good at knitting too.

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Posted by BenSpark on January 17, 2007

My ipod was delivered today and I have iTunes running on both my home and work computers. I just discovered that I can only sync with one iTunes. That stinks. I will have to figure out if there is a way around this. I have been downloading podcasts like crazy for the past couple of hours. There are still over 110 episodes from various podcasts that I am downloading. Then I’ll sync them to the iPod. There is so much I have to learn about this program. I am very excited to give my new iPod a test drive. And I am very satisfied with how the dock that is built into my new monitor is working out. That Viewsonic VX2245 is fantastic!

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Photo-A-Day #647 01/15/07

Posted by BenSpark on January 15, 2007

The other day I took a PPP opp that asked what I was doing with the money I made with PPP. Well, right after I put up that I bought an iPod and a new Soda Club machine I had to go to Lowe’s to pick up some insulation for my Dad. On the way to Lowe’s my car makes a “CLUNK” sound and the next thing I know my car sounds like a bad knock off of The Fast and the Furious. My muffler took that opportunity to give me a karmic kick in the nuts. So today I went to Midas and got a new Muffler. So you can guess what else PPP money will be paying for.

But don’t cry for me just yet because I did go and get a sweet new monitor for Allison and I. It is a Viewsonic 22″ HD ViewDock LCD monitor. This thing is awesome. For one thing it has an iPod dock built right into the front of the powered base. It has integrated speakers, mic and subwoofer. There are 4 additional USB ports and an 8 in 1 card reader also built in. And all this plus the clarity of the Viewsonic monitor and the size of the 22″ screen. I love Viewsonic products and am very happy with the purchase.

Tonight I also got to write a couple of letters. One to Hertz and the other to Southwest. As you might know Allison had some travel trouble on her recent trip. And on Friday we got a bill for a car that we never rented. What a pain.

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Apple iPhone

Posted by BenSpark on January 10, 2007

This is coming out for Cingular around June. Announced today is Apple’s new iPhone and I am truly impressed. This thing is fantastic. Yes, I have been a staunch PC person for years and have balked at many things Apple (even though our first computer for the family was an Apple IIC and I loved it.) The announcement today of the iPhone is just an awesome revolutionary bit of technology.

Here are the features.

Phone – Easy Merging of calls.

Voicemail – Visual Voicemail, choose which voicemail to listen to first, just like e-mail.

SMS – Predictive soft keyboard that helps prevent mistakes.

Photos – 2 megapixel camera with a 3.5″ screen, sweet. Can also sync with photos on your MAC or PC

Internet – Web browsing with safari.

E-mail – Rich e-mail client that can display text and graphics.

Google Maps – Built right in.

Widgets – stock reports and weather among other things.

Multi-touch – a high functioning touch screen interface.

Intelligent keyboard – QUERTY keyboard, more efficient that plastic keyboards on other smart phones.

OS X – Yes, it runs OS X.

Wi-Fi – uses Wi-Fi and Cingular’s edge network for internet access.

Sensors – Sensors switch display from portrait to landscape depending upon how the device is positioned.

Music – Scroll through album covers.

Video – View video from iTunes (There is one of the funniest clips from The Office on the website.) 3.5″ screen.

Storage – 4GB or 8GB like an iPod Nano.

Even the Webcomics have gotten into the iPhone thing. I knew Scott Kurtz would jump on this. Great Ferris Bueller hoamge too.

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