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TV Show: Chuck: Chuck vs. The Truth

Posted by BenSpark on November 15, 2007

Chuck is one of my favorite shows on TV and this past Monday was one of the best episodes of the season. Why, because Chuck and Sarah “broke up”. Since they technically are not going out then just their cover stories “broke up”.

Okay in this episode we bid farewell to Harry Tang. I loved watching Lester video tape Morgan with Mrs Tang and show probably the worst ever dubbed video to Tang who just kept shouting “Again!”. So funny. Anyway Tang busts into the secret lair of the team (the Home Theater room) and is given an assignment in Hawaii.

This week’s badguy was Kevin Weisman of Alias and Moonlight and he was in Clerks II as well. He was supposed to be a gymnast and he used some great moves on Casey and Sarah. The best moment with Sarah was when she shot him in his bad knee as he was flipping out of the room. She did it with such cold precision too. I loved it.

This week Chuck got a new love interest in Rachel Bilson of the O.C. She plays Lou, a very quirky sandwich maker who must have made Chuck’s favorite sandwich ever. And that is a nice throwback tot he 4 hour sandwich conversations between Chuck and Morgan.

Morgan had very little to do this week other than to be a foil for Lester’s plan to get Tang upset. I missed Morgan.

This week however Ellie and Captain Awesome had much screen time. Awesome was dressed down big time when Ellie was under the influence of the truth poison. That was actually awesome. Then Ellie gets sick, Chuck tries to save her and that leads to a very funny exchange between Chuck Casey and Sarah when all three are exposed to the drug.

What I do not understand is that if Sarah had training to resist the truth serum then why was she so truthful for most of the episode and only during the major important question from Chuck did she resist the urge to be truthful. However the exchange between Casey not going to shoot Chuck was funny. Chuck telling Casey that his chin was chiseled by the gods was a riot.

Looks like next week we see who is in the chamber. I think it is Bryce Larkin. He is not dead, no way and he’ll want to be back with Sarah so we will get a love Square.

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