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TV Shows: Thursday Nigth 11/29/07

Posted by BenSpark on November 30, 2007

I’m going to lump My Name Is Earl (new one), 30 Rock (don’t really care about so blogged through it), The Office (repeat) and Scrubs (My Identify Crisis) in one post.

My Name is Earl – Good episode. Earl uses the rest of his winnings to throw a prom in the pen. He does this so one of the inmates will reconcile with his parents. The guy is a jerk and doesn’t do it. This causes Earl to burn up all the guys stuff and kick the crap out of him. In the end Kharma kicks Earl’s butt (but Earl doesn’t know it yet) as the warden shreds all of Earl’s get out of jail early certificates. Next Week: Prison Break, Earl Hickey Style.

Earl breakdancing was great.

30 Rock – Lemon dates a younger guy, finds out that his mom looks exactly like her, creepy and funny. Don’t really know the rest of the names of the characters, blogged through the show.

The Office – Repeat of the one where Michael sends the photo of he and Jan on vacation. Loved it when Kevin was folding up the giant photo to take it home because his house doesn’t have much “art”. Classic episode.

Scrubs – Dr. Cox steals some kids childhood by going against a parents wishes. He can be a real jerk. I’m not sure what I would do in that situation with my own kids and I hope I never find out. Dr. Kelso has to step down. Set up for the end of the series all right. My favorite part was with JD and Sammy and Turk and Izzy in the park. Making babies talk is a riot. I love it.

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TV Show: Life: Serious Control Issues

Posted by BenSpark on November 29, 2007

Let me start out that while I was watching this episode of Life I was also blogging so I may have been only partially paying attention to the episode. However I did see quite a bit and here it is randomly out of order.

Crews and young boy in a helicopter. Crews explains that they are both different because of their wrongful incarcerations and they will always be different. The boy thought they were going to fly the helicopter. Crews can’t fly a helicopter, but I hope he gets the idea to buy one and learn that would just throw more fuel on the insane amount of money Crews now has.

Crews screws with Danni’s father and tries to expose that he had something to do with the murder of the cop that put him (Crews) away. When I see actors who have the salt and pepper hair and the dark black mustaches I somewhat think of Snidely Whiplash buttoning up his cufflinks and twisting his handlebar mustache. It screams villain.

A young girl is murdered by a nutjob who has a house full of kittens, not cats. presumably he murders the kittens when they get to big. Yeah this guy was crazy. He also eats the one piece of evidence that they had int he case which was the guitar pick of the murdered girl.

Crews should probably spend some time with a psychiatrist. His experience in jail is starting to make him make mistakes that can get the department in trouble. He enters a home without provocation and then intimidates the sicko father of the young boy. We later find out that the father wasn’t really his father and he abducted the boy years earlier. That was the connection between Crews and he boy and their incarceration.

We find out why Charlie is obsessed with fresh fruit. And what a let down. I knew it had to do with not getting fruit in jail. Although I bet that our prisoners eat better than many fine upstanding people in this country who can’t make ends meet and whose hard earned money goes to paying for jails to take care of criminals. So no I don’t feel bad that prisoners don’t get fresh fruit. Boo Hoo, you killed someone, have some scrapple. I was expecting something much more with the whole fruit thing. But I guess that with 11 years of no fruit one might want a little.

If anything else important happened in the show I think I missed it.

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TV Show: Bionic Woman : Do Not Disturb

Posted by BenSpark on November 29, 2007

Been a few weeks since the last Bionic Woman aired. Luckily there was a recap of the past events. The set up to this episode was that Jamie might be beginning to crack under the pressure and may end up going rogue. Nope, that was just another one of the NBC teasers that lead you down one path but send you an entirely opposite way.

Jamie is sent on vacation to work things out in her mind about the death of Antonio. Jonas tells her to take a vacation, Jamie doesn’t want a handout so Jonas has her complete a small assignment for him. Deliver a briefcase. Well, you know that a briefcase is never just a briefcase. So murder intrigue and save the world stuff is going to bust out of the walls.

The episode starts with Jamie not being able to deal with the death of Antonio event though she didn’t know him very well and she never quite trusted him much. She beats the crap out of a bad guy and uses her bionic powers to outrun a motorcycle. She is getting much better at using her powers.

Jonas has her go on vacation. Jamie takes her sister with her and along the way they stop so Jamie can give a briefcase to a hitman. The codeword is the opening voiceover for The A-Team. I got it within the first 3 words and was giggling lie crazy. Allison was wondering what was wrong with me. I grew up on the A-Team so give me some slack for being thoroughly entertained at it being referenced in a TV show these days.

The hitman overdoses. Jamie being Jamie can’t leave well enough alone so she ends up opening the briefcase and finding out that the target is actually the father of the boy who is macking on her little sister. Great, convenient and it gives Jamie a moral dilemma. she isn’t cut out for the spy stuff and she gets made within minutes by revealing an aspect of the badguy that was not revealed to her, namely his profession. Ooops.

The most uncomfortable for the cast moment was when the group was talking about Antonio and the psychologist woman blurts out. “We slept together once…. It was amazing.” I don’t say the word often because I think it gets abused but, Inappropriate! Who says that. That info should have died with Antonio. Of course it made me, the viewer laugh at how wildly out of place the statement was.

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TV Show: Bones: The Santa in the Slush

Posted by BenSpark on November 29, 2007

Last night’s episode of Bones was one that had all the elements that I have come to love about Bones. You had humor, a great mystery, some sexual tension and a great debate between Bones and Booth.

It was a Christmas episode and in true Bones fashion they killed Santa. And the evidence kept adding up to the victim being the real Santa. I loved watching Hodges and Zack continue to bicker back and forth.

Caroline, the prosecutor, was feeling ‘puckish’ and bargained with Bones. The bargain was that Bones had to kiss Booth for a full 5 steamboats under the mistletoe. In exchange Bones’ father would get the Christmas that he really wanted. The kiss was apparently supposed to be hot but to me it just wasn’t. The main reason is that Bones was chewing gum.

Now you must understand that I am thoroughly disgusted by chewing gum. It is so gross. Listening to people chew gum is the worst because they almost always chew with their mouths open. I just can’t stand seeing it or hearing it so when Booth ended up with Bones’ gum in his mouth I was absolutely grossed out. I could not find that scene as the hot steamy build up that was promised.

Other than that I liked how Bones ended up with her family. I knew it was coming, I knew it would be cheesy and whatnot. I really liked how Booth gave Bones and her family a tree for their Christmas. It was sweet and made me really like Booth even more. I just love this show. Just stop with the gum chewing and passing. Nasty!

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TV Show: How I Met Your Mother: The Yips

Posted by BenSpark on November 29, 2007

Monday night’s How I met your mother was one of the funnier ones so far because it brought back Wayne Brady as Barney’s gay brother. What is great is that Barney remembers things so differently then they actually happened. For one thing he thought that be was a great lover and really rocked the world of “The Man-Maker” Rhonda. When he found out the truth he ended up losing his mojo a la Austin Powers in the second movie (I think).

Well Barney finally gets his mojo back after a long and painful to watch time at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show after party. He was a bumbling fumbling idiot and not his usual confident self. Eventually another time with Ronda got his mojo back.

Now what I can’t seem to understand is that we tend to forget that this show is about a father telling his kids these stories. How does he get around all the sex involved? I know he had some euphemisms for pot so I wonder how he tells these Barney stories and even stories of his own exploits.

That aside the trip to the Gym was a riot. The evil trainer who made Ted and Marshall cry was very funny and Ted skipping out on the gym every day for some reason or another. I can sympathize with not having your iPod with you or even charged. But that is no reason to leave the gym.

The scenes between robin and Ted were pretty funny as their sexual tension is pretty much destroyed. Good. I am sick of that storyline. Lets get to finding the actual mother of Ted’s scarred for life kids.

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TV Show: Heroes: Truth & Consequences

Posted by BenSpark on November 27, 2007

Last night’s episode of Heroes was decent. We saw many of the Heroes and I think the only ones we missed were Matt Parkman, Nathan Petrelli and Mrs. Petrelli and The Haitian.

Sylar, Maya and Alejandro – Guess who won’t me in another episode. Yeah, Sylar keeps to his murderous ways and kills Alejandro. He pushes Maya to use her power and then control it. Then we no longer need her brother. Sylar ends up killing him. Sylar also contacts Mohinder and threatens Molly.

So, was there an actual babysitter or did he neutralize Parkman? What is wrong with Maya, can’t she see that Sylar is evil? Where did she think her brother went?

Peter Petrelli and Adam Monroe – Peter is out to stop the virus from being released. Adam wants to release it and purge the world. Adam has convinced the easily led Peter that he is on the good side. Peter and Adam find Victoria Pratt. Apparently they are much faster than Parkman, shouldn’t he have been at Victoria’s house? Peter gets the information from Victoria by using Parkman’s power. So why didn’t he use it on Adam? Then he would have known his true intentions and that was to kill Victoria. Really, Peter, you are so slow. So Peter and Adam are headed to Primatech in Odessa.

Hiro – learns about Adam’s past, learns the truth about strain 138 and Adam’s intentions. Goes back in time to see it firsthand. Ends up going to Odessa and confronts Peter. The showdown between the two better be a good one and Peter better get his scar in the exchange. Hiro is slowly developing the confidence and poise of a true hero.

Micha, Nikki, Memory Girl – I don’t know the name of Micha’s cousin with the muscle memory. but that is okay because while I thought she was a good hero she is an idiot. I watched the scene where she breaks into the thugs crib. Pretty cool. Then she gets caught. What? Was there not one single Jackie Chan movie on her iPod? Seriously doesn’t every movie have at least 4 guys teaming up on one. Why hadn’t she watched at least one of them and been able to thrash the thugs. She could be such and awesome character. Watch more of your iPod. Oh and Micha and Nikki suck, still.

Clare, West, Elle, and Noah – Clare and her family are moving. I hope they find some place with plenty of land for sale because they need to be far away to hide from The Company. Bob comes to Clare’s home and is met with a gun wielding momma. Bob has Noah’s ashes and tells Clare that he died. As far as the story I want this illusion kept up for at least a few episodes. I want to see what Clare is like with this new resolve. Her confession to West about her pain was heartbreaking. I love the Clare and Noah story. And I love how Clare intimidated Elle. You kind of felt a little bad for Elle in this episode too. She’s been so abused throughout her life that she is beaten down and defeated. Bob is a pretty harsh taskmaster and manipulator.

Suresh – What the hell. Is this guys stupid or is he cagey like a fox, did he know that he could save Noah with Clare’s blood. Is he as stupid as I think or is he actually more intelligent than I have been giving him credit? I think he is stupid, I’m sticking by that one.

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TV Show: Chuck: Chuck vs The Nemesis

Posted by BenSpark on November 27, 2007

So, my favorite new show of the season, Chuck has been given the green light for a full season of episodes. Sweet.

Last night’s Chuck was awesome. However it should have been titled Chuck Vs. The Pineapple situation. We get the return of Bryce Larkin, Chuck’s nemesis. Really, was he Chuck’s nemesis? They were great friends in college until Bryce got him kicked out of Stamford. It isn’t like Chuck and Bryce locked horns at every turn. Bryce basically ruined and saved and then ruined Chuck’s life again and again. Maybe Bryce is Chuck’s nemesis. I looked up the word for a good definition and this is what I found.

“Nemesis is now used as a term used to describe one’s worst enemy, normally someone or something that is the exact opposite of oneself but is also somehow similar.”

Okay, in that light Bryce is Chuck’s nemesis. For one thing Bryce is smooth and sophisticated, yet he knows flawless Klingon (At least I think we are supposed to believe that, I don’t speak it so he could have just been talking gibberish). Chuck is nerdy and he also speaks Klingon. Chuck and Bryce have many similarities and yet are so different. They are not exact opposites however.

It was a great episode for Morgan. He took charge at the Buy More and got the girl, (A whacked out freaky girl, but a girl none-the-less). I’m pretty sure that I won’t want the recipe for Anna’s green bean casserole. “Did you use tartar sauce?”

Seeing Lester and Jeff freak out and hide from the hordes of Black Friday shoppers was very funny. Then when the pineapple situation began and Jeff gets clocked int eh head multiple times I laughed out loud. Use of all the slow motion sequences was pretty good and seeing Sarah and Bryce in action was cool as well. The use of a bulletproof vest was also very good. I was pretty amazed by Casey’s reflexes. When he shoots Bryce and blows him across the room I was stunned yet saw no blood so I knew there was a vest.

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Video Game: Guitar Hero III

Posted by BenSpark on November 23, 2007

I’m very interested in getting Guitar Hero III for the Wii. But I haven’t been able to determine if the game is a one player or a two player one. I’ve seen packages for the xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 where the game comes with two guitars so I know it is a two player game for those systems. I think it probably is a two player one for the Wii as well.

Okay, I just went and checked it out and yes, the game can be played by two people simultaneously. That is awesome because the game features some songs that I really like such as Metallica’s “One,” Pearl Jam’s “Even Flow,” and Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage,”. Sweet! That must be so much fun to be jamming to those songs and I think there are some Guns N Roses songs as well. So I think I’ll be putting this game on my Christmas Wish List.

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TV Show: Carpoolers: Laird’s Ex Wife

Posted by BenSpark on November 23, 2007

Laird acted very un-Lairdlike in this episode which featured Guest Star Rebecca-Rojmain no longer Stamos. She played Laird’s crazy ex-wife. I am really enjoying this show for the play between the four main guys. I also like Jameson’s son Marmaduke and I think one of the funny things from this episode was finding out that Marmaduke was afraid of dogs. That was very funny. I am even beginning to enjoy his Napoleon-like quirks.

The flashback to Dougie’s wedding was a riot. The wedding on the beach and the dead whale on that same beach. All the guests getting sick and then finding out that the gases within the whale made it explode all over the dress was pretty funny too.

I love sit-coms, sorry but I do. And Carpoolers is a very fun one that is pretty enjoyable.

Join the Blog Rush.

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Drive Hard / Die Hard Hollywood Contest

Posted by BenSpark on November 23, 2007

AAMCO is running a promotion right now called the Drive Hard / Die Hard Hollywood Sweepstakes. The winner will get a 4 day trip for two to California for a chance to spend time with the Live Free or Die Hard stuntman. Entry into the sweepstakes is very simple and it will also benefit you even if you don’t win.

By signing up you get an AAMCO coupon good for a free oil change with a $50.00 purchase. And AAMCO performs many services on your car like transmissions, exhaust, brakes, shocks, struts, AC, and more. I have a car that has just finished its extended warranty and has over 100,000 miles on the odometer. I’ll be taking my car to shops like AAMCO from now on, they are cheaper than the dealer and offer many services that are completed quickly and efficiently.

The trip would be a fun one for me because I love the Die Hard movies and the stunts from those movies are amazing. To hear about stunts from a movie from the actual guy who performed them would be an incredible adventure and I would surely get an interview with him for this blog. That would be very very cool. And I know that Allison would rally enjoy a trip out to sunny California for a little vacation from the cold that is coming our way.

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